Run #505 – Golden Springs, St Andrew Parish

January 14, 2018

January 14, 2018

13:00 To 18:00

Golden Spring, St. Andrew Parish, Jamaica


Event Description

Hash this Sunday, but different location.

Note well! We are not going to Swift river yet 🙂

Hash Details

Certainly chicken and rice. Other choice possible/awaits!


Helping Hands, Jodi Ann, Road Runner

Hash Directions

Location. This is easy. A short drive out of Kingston. No more than 40 mins.


From Manor Park. Drive up Stony Hill and down other side.

You will reach Golden Spring - a community you pass through all the time on way north.

You will pass the Total gas station on your left side.

You pass two road turnings on your right, both named Mount Airy Road. (Don't take them!)

But go slow. The next turning you need is on the RIGHT, a small slip road which goes down a short slope and over a little, single lane bridge. 

If you going too fast, you will miss the turning.

The turning is almost opposite the Golden Acres resort, which is on left side of the road.

The Hash circle location is just in front of you once you cross the bridge.

At a small bar and lawn area.

Park on side of roads.

See the attached link. NB. Put the link on satellite mode and you will see the road.

Hash Extras

This is forest trail and hillside. There is a small river tributary, not difficult, to cross.
If it rains - we are still going!

Even if you registered for the cancelled 505, you WILL need to do so again as the data has been removed.
Thank you for your understanding.
Make your life (and ours!!) much easier by clicking here for the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

January 25, 2018

Helping Hands 381 3452

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