Run #504 – Harkers Hall, St Catherine. (About 14km east of Bog Walk)

December 10, 2017

December 10, 2017

12:30 To 18:00

Harkers Hall, Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica


Event Description

There are rivers to cross. You will get wet feet, ankles and thighs. The Hash is approximately 6.5 km long crossing several streams, into water as high as the waist and up and down fairly steep slopes. It is a family-friendly route but may require adult assistance in one crossing with swift moving water. Be on the lookout for wild cocoa, papaya and a fresh water spring, all available for our consumption along the trail.

Hash Details

It's a chicken Farm! Chicken on the menu. Fried or curried with rice & peas and fresh/steamed vegetables.


Deadstock + Crisdan

Hash Directions

You are travelling to Harkers Hall. The advised route is via the Flat Bridge and to Bog Walk and then follow directions from there. Entire trip is about an hour.

NB. For the first part of the route, you can either take the old route (pre Highway) to reach the Flat Bridge or take the new Toll Road and avoid the old road and Angels Plaza, etc.

Leave Kingston on the Mandela Highway going west.

Take the Mandela Highway west and then take the right turn (north) unto Highway 2000, which is a toll road. The Highway 2000 is signposted.

If you don't want to go on the Highway and toll, then just continue on the Mandela Highway which loops around Spanish Town and past Angels Plaza and still reaches the Flat Bridge.

If on the Highway 2000, after 8.5 km EXIT the Highway at Angels exit. Pay toll and then turn right (north) unto the A1. 

Proceed for 9.5 km, across Flat Bridge. Continue on only road to the big Bog Walk roundabout.

Turn first LEFT, off the roundabout, with Juici Patties on your left. Then take the first RIGHT at Barry Main Rd. 

Very shortly afterwards (about 160m) take the RIGHT turn onto the B2 main road. 

Continue on the B2, for 1.3 km before turning RIGHT just past Tulloch Primary School on your right. 

Continue on this road all the way to Harkers Hall. This is a fairly straight main road but has a few potholes and one or two rough spots. 

Continue for 11.5 km past a large sugarcane plantation and over a bridge before reaching Harkers Hall. 

Continue past the town for another 500m to the staging point, which will be at a blue house with a left-turn intersection with a minor road vegetation at the front, a chicken farm at the back and a wire fence along the side. 

Parking is at the front of the house along the main and minor roads.

Hash Extras

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December 7, 2017

Deadstock 990 4711

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