Who We Are

Hash Olympics 2015

Hash Olympics 2015

The Hash House Harriers

Described as “a drinking club with a running problem” and “the world’s largest disorganization”, is a concatenation of more than slightly warped individuals who meet regularly with the intention of getting a bit of exercise, seeing the country at a VERY intimate level, and having a roaring good time while doing it.
The Run follows in the tradition of the “paper chase” or “hare and hounds” where one or more persons, known as hares, mark a trail to be followed by the “hounds”. The first Hash is reported to have been laid in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. British colonials and army members were running through the jungle for exercise, usually followed by getting pissed. Since those inauspicious beginnings the Hash has expanded worldwide, and you will find a Hash pack in almost every major, and many not so major cities, around the globe. Follow the Hash Links to find other HHH packs worldwide.

Caymanas Bay 2008

Caymanas Bay 2008

JAH3 Jamaica Hash House Harriers

Whoever wrote the World Hash History obviously did not remember Columbus and his journey to the West Indies.
Christopher Columbus, the original Hasher, stumbled on Jamaica in 1494 while on his way to India. “FALSE TRAIL !” yelled the Arawaks, who reminded him that he should have waited until AFTER the run before getting pissed. In this spirit of exploration JAH3 Hashers lay trails all over the island.
Some 504 years after Columbus Goran “Nutcase” Engdahl and Bill “Bags” Hetherington co-founded the Jamaica Hash House Harriers – our lucky day: Friday, February 13, 1998.
JAH3, based in Kingston, is a family Hash representing a wide spectrum of nationalities, ranging from one year old to those with more Hash runs behind them than in front of them. Some of our Hashers are lean and wiry marathon runners, others well rounded marathon drinkers. Children love it, and we love them too. Just be aware that strong language is sometimes used.

When do we Run?

We usually run every other week on a Sunday afternoon, but this varies depending on the mood and preference of the hare(s) on duty. Special events once or twice a year may extend over a long weekend and will usually include a JAH bar crawl and a bash.  In 2005 our HM Rasta Shakespeare introduced the JAH3 Hash Olympics. See Special Events announcements.

Where do we Run?

On a regular Sunday we run within a 30 min to 1.5 hours drive from Kingston, sometimes we do a city RUN, but we prefer the jungle as our ancestors did! If you need a drive getting to a RUN please call a member of the Mis-Management committee or the Hare(s) on duty, see Next Run.

What do we Look Like?

Check out this link to see a selection of mug shots of the pack!