Run #493

Alderley, White Horse, St Thomas

Sunday, 25 Jun, 2017

Start Time:
Rice n Peas, Bottom Breather, Borat
This route is on the coast. Home of one of the Hares - Borat. Will involve sand, footpaths, sea water? hills
Food Cost:
Fried chicken OR Stewed Pork + Soup

Photos / Videos from the Hash:

Pictures courtesy of Lagerfeld
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Pictures courtesy of Bottom Breather
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How We Got There:
It will be 45 minutes (easy driving) from Harbour View. Directions from Kingston: -From Harbour View, head East towards St. Thomas -Stay on the main road passing through Bull Bay, Grants Pen, Yallahs and Pamphret (Pomfret). -Stay on the main road as it climbs/winds upwards (take your time, you are almost there!) -At the top of the climb, you come to a SHARP corner. Alderley is the first house on the right *BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN GOING AROUND THE SHARP CORNER AND TURNING RIGHT INTO THE HOUSE! Hopefully you will see a HASH sign!!
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Elevation Profile:
Sorry no visual aids were required here
Full Disclosure:
The Hares feel that there should be no nasty surprises to warn you about!!

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Hasher # Hash Name


1Rice N Peas-Captain Dozey
108Bottom Breather


3Bulbie-Crisis-Subsa-Little Wicked
8Cool Runnings
14Speedy-Speedy Gonzales
123Claw Jaws
124Clueless Sherlock
135CXC - B
156Dreadful Flash
177Helping Hands
184JA German
239Occasional Erection
298Still Waters
917Aunty Acid
942Miss Roachie
955Ganja Bud-Beanie Bud
971Panic Attack
993Road Runner
995Soon Cum
1107Magic Mushroom
1302Ruck Off
1328Talk Show (US)


JamaicaKaren C (431)
JamaicaKamesha C (433)
JamaicaPatricia T (848)
JamaicaAndrea T (909)
JamaicaClaudia B (919)
JamaicaShauna Gay M (985)
UKMiranda L (1000)
USAIlona A (1136)
Brian C (1137)
PortugalCarolina S (1211)
USADuncan G (1344)
JamaicaDario D (1401)
Kashta G (1404)
EnglandDele B (1455)
Luis F (1461)
JamaicaPercival R (1467)
JapanKoji Y (1500)
PortugalAndres S (1511)
JapanAyumi D (1512)
Julien M (1513)
PortugalMaria B (1514)
JamaicaDinica B (1515)
Peter L (1516)
IrelandBrandon F (1517)
Arul V (1518)
Reena S (1519)
Jovan A (1520)
Maria C (1521)
Avagayle G (1522)
Javier C (1523)

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