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Fiesta Seafood Restaurant & Sports Bar, !!UPDATED DIRECTIONS!!

Sunday, 5 Mar, 2017

Start Time:
Rice n Peas, & Helping Hands
NB. The Hash starts at 2.00pm! 2.00pm! 2.00pm! There is no water crossing on this Hash - although it is surrounded by water - the sea! Very historic region of Jamaica (See Full Disclosure section). Will be likely very hot!!! Bring water!!!
Food Cost:
Fish soup, Chicken curry OR Stew Pork. Special Sea food menu available at higher cost.

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How We Got There:
NB. The Hash starts at 2.00pm! 2.00pm! 2.00pm! DIRECTION CORRECTION - DIRECTION CORECTION Please see amended correction. The location is not as far as previously described. You should be there in less than 30 minutes from Half Way Tree... Briefly put: You travel down to the Kingston Harbour and cross over the Kingston Causeway. (As if taking the start of the route to Hellshire Beach etc.) On the other side of the Causeway, you turn left on to the infamous "Back Road". The official name is Fort Augusta Drive. NB. THE FIESTA RESTAURANT & SPORTS BAR IS LOCATED ON FORT AUGUSTA DRIVE. (Despite the address being identified as in Port Henderson Road). From Half-Way-Tree square, head down (westerly) along Hagley Park Road. Do not turn off, just keep going all the way down (towards the Kingston Harbour) If coming from the east, you best travel along Marcus Garvey Drive to reach the toll. Travel down to the Toll gates. Stay on the Toll Road and go through the Toll Plaza (J$200 for cars, J$320 for large SUV's) After the Toll Plaza, you sweep LEFT, still on the Toll road. Cross over the Kingston Causeway. Water to your left and right! Once over the Causeway take a LEFT turn on to Fort Augusta Drive. NB! NB! The Fiesta bar is on this stretch of road. Look out for "Fiesta" (Fiesta Restaurant & Sports Bar. Adrian's Place) on the RIGHT. (Next to "Cookies") Park at "Fiesta" or in the large empty lot across the road. NB. CORRECTION to previous email. Do NOT travel all the way to the road really named Port Henderson Road.. (ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: If you do not want to take the Toll Road, find your way to Portmore and ask anybody how to get to the "Back Road"!)
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Full Disclosure:
Port Henderson was established in the late 18th century as a port town and received the fast ferry to Spanish Town (Jamaica's capital at the time). The town became very fashionable during the 19th century, not least because of its natural spa. The town gradually fell out of favour and was badly damaged by hurricane Charlie in 1951, which destroyed the famous spa. Nowadays Port Henderson is a peaceful fishing village (amongst other things!). An important attraction for visitors today is the collection of Georgian Buildings which have been carefully restored by the Jamaican National Trust. Restored buildings and ruins include the Green Castle Great House, the Apostles Battery, Gun Emplacement, Bullock's Lodge and the Longhouse. The most notable of the restored buildings is the Old Water Police Station which is now home to a restaurant, named after the Admiral George Brydges Rodney who successfully fought off the French invasion of Jamaica in 1782. Rodney lived a quarter of a mile uphill from the coast where the elevation provided an excellent vantage point. The site is now called Rodney's lookout. Situated between Port Henderson and Passage Fort on the seaward side is Fort Augusta. Construction of the fort began in 1740 under very unusual conditions. It was built in a swamp area which had to be filled and many of the workers suffered terribly from fevers and insects. The fort was completed in the 1750s and named Fort Augusta in honour of the mother of King George III. The fort was built to accommodate 80 guns to guard the western end of Kingston Harbour. In 1763, the magazine with 3000 barrels of gun powder was struck by a bolt of lightning. Three hundred person were killed and windows up to 17 miles away were broken by the blast. The shocks created a crater which had to be filled before reconstruction could begin. By 1765, a new magazine was added to the fort along with a small wharf and a cistern capable of holding 7000 gallons of water. In 1768, the fort had 80 guns in excellent order and by 1770 the magazine was capable of holding 1400 barrels of gun powder. The fort is currently used as the island's only female prison.

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