Run #481

Devon's Pen, (just past Friendship Gap) St Mary

Sunday, 27 Nov, 2016

Start Time:
Clueless Sherlock, Helping Hands
This is the last Hash of 2016. It Wear Something RED or Red Dress Hash. Prize to the Best dressed Male and Female Hasher. Run is through local community. Off road, narrow forest rack, steepish slopes, maybe even muddy! Goodness !!! NB. We will not go through or across the river. It is running too high and fast.
Food Cost:
SOUP Only - Choice of beef or vegetable. With bread.

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How We Got There:
Take the route from Manor Park and travel up Stony Hill. (This is the same route as when we travel to the north side of the Island) The Hash location is just 1.5km past Friendship Gap. So travel along and up the Stony Hill road. Friendship Gap is the small stopping place at the top of the hill, where there are a few bars and eating places. (Many have stopped there on way back from Hashes).This is about 28/30 km from Manor Park. Pass through Friendship Gap. Devon's Pen it is just 1.5km down the down hill to the Hash location. Journey Time: About 40 minutes. When you reach the bottom of the hill you will cross over a wide bridge. NB. Just before you reach the bridge, you will see a large bill board advertisement on your left side which says: WHO DO YOU LOVE? (Don't let that be the cause of arguments!) As you cross the bridge, the road bends to the left. As you the road curves to the left, SLOW down. There is a very sharp LEFT turn on to a rough track, which comes back on yourself. You must take the turn. Take the LEFT turn and come off the main road. It will be sign posted with a Hash sign. Travel down the rough track/path, (bumpy) for about 40 yards and you will enter on to a large football field. ADVISED: Four wheel drive vehicle for this section. Parking is available on opposite side of road OR on a side road, immediately after you cross the main bridge. If you miss the turn, turnaround where can and come back.
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Elevation Profile:
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Full Disclosure:
This is the cancelled Hash 477, owing to Hurricane Matthew. It is Forest trail. It is likely to be damp and little slippery underfoot. Bring spare dry socks.

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Hasher # Hash Name


124Clueless Sherlock
177Helping Hands


1Rice N Peas-Captain Dozey
3Bulbie-Crisis-Subsa-Little Wicked
8Cool Runnings
18Cotton Head
41Immaculate Perception-Squatter
84Babylon Bill
108Bottom Breather
135CXC - B
156Dreadful Flash
206Legal Beagle 2
211Looney Tunes
225Mortar Bunny
233Nice Pair
236No Permit
239Occasional Erection
269Scrap Iron
317Useless Bolt-Cruyff
544Quiet Storm
971Panic Attack
993Road Runner
1101Big Volt No Watt
1102Maple Syrup


JamaicaKamesha C (433)
JamaicaDennis C (439)
JamaicaRoderic C (440)
New ZealandTony G (528)
JamaicaPatricia T (848)
JamaicaRoma G (977)
JamaicaShanique S (984)
UKMiranda L (1000)
JamaicaFleur D (1036)
JamaicaPhillip D (1037)
JamaicaFrancois L (1048)
Brian C (1137)
Alexis G (1165)
Ayo A (1190)
Bob P (1191)
UKGail B (1204)
UKStuart B (1205)
UKMartin A (1206)
Alexandra C (1231)
UKDirome A (1232)
UKMelissa H (1233)
Melissa M (1234)
Neil S (1235)
Nick B (1236)
Shaneil M (1237)
JamaicaOshene E (1238)

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