Run #478

Windy Manor, Stanmore Dist, Malvern PO, Santa Cruz Mts, St Elizabeth

Sunday, 16 Oct, 2016

Start Time:
Decent Proposal
This location last visited in 2013. Located in the Malvern hills. Farming country. Hosted by Mark Brooks and Virginia at their private home. This Hash will be the day after the Hash Olympics. NB. We will be asking Hashers to give some small financial support to St Albans School - local to the area. Please give generously for treats. Thank you.
Food Cost:
Chicken and Rice and peas OR Vegetable Run Down. Bread Pudding

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How We Got There:
For those who will be at the Hash Olympics, we will go in convoy on the Sunday to the location. A map will be provided and directions on the Saturday. For Hashers travelling direct for Kingston or elsewhere please see below: Our address is "Windy Manor", at 2,200 ft. elevation in Stanmore District, Malvern PO on the top of the Santa Cruz Mts. in St. Elizabeth, overlooking Parrotte and the Black River area. Coming from Kingston: When you get to Santa Cruz, veer right at the Gas Station and use the bypass road. This will bring you to 4 way traffic light intersection - go straight across to continue. (If you decide to drive thru the town, it's straight on thru 1st traffic lights and a left turn at 2nd traffic lights - this is the same traffic light mentioned above) From here it should take about 25 minutes to our house - not because it is far, only 10.5 Km, but because parts are steep and winding and a little rough in spots. (Not for low profile tires). 1) From the lights you will drive up hill, passing some side roads (Hanson Ave) until the road forks (there is a new shop in the "Y") 2) Keep LEFT at the Y and continue up the hill (you will pass Hanson Dr. on your left), keep going. 3) The road then dips down into a flat area with farm and a big field on the right - go slow when you see the shops. 4) At the shops you will see a road on the right. (On the left, there is a white sign with 'Top Burnt Ground' on it pointing to that right turn.) Take that road on the right - it is uphill from there. 5) There will be a few rough spots, but there will be no other turn offs. Continue up through Abrams (a small community) until you come into an area with open farmland, no buildings and not many trees. (Looks a bit like the Highlands of Scotland!) 6) Drive across the lovely hill top. You will come to an intersection that has a road going to the right. Do not turn right, but bear LEFT and continue on. You will drive past more grassy pastures & fields until you come through a wooded area (trees overhanging the road). Pass a marl road on the left, continue on thru a cross drain and as you take a left corner, you will notice that someone has planted a garden on the bank-side, near some big gates to a house and you will see the St Alban's Church sign on your right. 7) Continue along the straight road and you will see a cemetery on the right just as you enter into Stanmore. After the cemetery there is a shop (Zambia Bar and Grocery), some houses and you get a spectacular view of the countryside below including the Lower Morass with Black River town in the distance. 8) Continue along past a tiny peach colored shop on left with a marl road on your right. Drive on up the rise past a newly built house and ignore the damaged paved road on the left (Mango Lane). Continue up a hundred yards or so and as the road levels off at the top of this short rise, tucked in on your left will be 2 gray colored gate posts with a sign on each - WINDY and MANOR. Turn in, because you have arrived !!!! Just follow the driveway in. Come up a bit then you will see the house and cottage. Note: If you miss the driveway, you will go down the hill and see St. Alban's school on the left.
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Full Disclosure:
Unless it rains, unlikely to be rivers or water. The clue is in the address - Malvern Hills!. Rural farmland and countryside. Lovely views. NB. Hash Olympic T shirts will be available for purchase on Saturday and Sunday from Lousie. A special limited edition. Look out for it.

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