Run #474

Bob Marley Beach, Bull Bay, St Thomas

Sunday, 21 Aug, 2016

Start Time:
Body Parts and Spare Parts
A few miles outside Kingston. A sand beach location. A gentle walk/run through the local area, sea, hill, local community.
Food Cost:
Curry Chicken OR Vegetable Stew

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How We Got There:
Bob Marley Beach is a picturesque beach located in Bull Bay. Drive out of Kingston, as if towards the airport. At the Harbour View Roundabout travel straight across. (Don't turn right or you will be at the airport!) Drive east for 6.5 km (approximately 9 minutes). You will pass the sign for Cane River Falls on the left side of the road. Entrance to Bob Marley beach is just ahead on the right side of the road. Look out for a wall on your right hand side with a welcome to Bob Marley Beach drawing on it. Turn Right, down that lane and continue on that road straight to the beach. (About 500 metres). You will drive over a narrow bridge and small community...keep on going. The beach is at end of road.
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Full Disclosure:
Bring your beach wear and towels. Pleasant swimming. This is NOT a hard Hash

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104Body Parts
560Spare Parts


1Rice N Peas-Captain Dozey
8Cool Runnings
9Energizer Bunny
14Speedy-Speedy Gonzales
18Cotton Head
84Babylon Bill
123Claw Jaws
124Clueless Sherlock
135CXC - B
137Dainty Damsel
156Dreadful Flash
177Helping Hands
199Lady G Spot-Lady GaGa
205Legal Beagle 1
206Legal Beagle 2
211Looney Tunes
233Nice Pair
239Occasional Erection
298Still Waters
317Useless Bolt-Cruyff
383Case Adjourned
416Chelsea Bwoy
544Quiet Storm
659Robin No Hood
917Aunty Acid
993Road Runner
1101Big Volt No Watt
1102Maple Syrup


JamaicaKamesha C (433)
UKSara F (485)
JamaicaSusan M (636)
JamaicaKay M (675)
JamaicaCoran O (695)
JamaicaIrene R (754)
JamaicaItalee W (868)
JamaicaCarol W (888)
JamaicaDanice T (925)
JamaicaKelly-Ann M (951)
JamaicaKelly-Ann M (951)
JamaicaLilly Mae W (957)
JamaicaMarcia G (959)
JamaicaMelrose M (967)
JamaicaStacie W (989)
JamaicaBam B (1003)
JamaicaMarcia D (1006)
JamaicaCavel C (1035)
JamaicaAshley Ann D (1051)
JamaicaKelsey G (1121)
Brian C (1137)
Brian C (1137)
Steve H (1166)
Chanel N (1173)
Jackie N (1174)
Antonio D (1175)
Shawn B (1176)
Eugene R (1177)
Toya N (1178)
Noel G (1179)
Maxine B (1180)
Idris H (1181)
Linden H (1182)
Malik J (1183)
Corinne R (1184)
David W (1185)
David R (1186)
Emily O (1187)
Benjamin O (1188)
Lilou R (1189)

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