Run #456

"The Brigadoon", Paddington Terrace, St. Andrew

Sunday, 29 Nov, 2015

Start Time:
Edward and Natasha
Food Cost:
Option 1: Curried Chicken Option 2: Black bean stew Option 3: Grill your own hunt

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From Hope Road East of Sovereign: Turn right just after Sovereign onto Liguanea Avenue. Turn left at the first stop sign onto Paddington Terrace. The small complex is on the left nearer the end of the road, with a JAH3 sign. From Hope Road West of East Kings House Road: Turn left onto East Kings House Road heading towards Loshusan. After the gully and school on the left turn right at the top of the rise on to Paddington Terrace. Small complex is on the right about 4 street lights down, with a JAH3 sign. From Barbican Road North West of Loshusan: Turn right onto East Kings House Road at Fontana's Pharmacy. Keep left staying on East Kings House road, not going back around the square. Take the second street on the left onto Paddington Terrace. Small complex is on the right about 4 street lights down, with a JAH3 sign. How long to get there? 10 mins from Liguanea. 5 or less mins from Barbican.
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There is a grill, we invite individuals to take meat and such for grilling if they would like to. Otherwise, coconut curried chicken and white rice available as well as a black bean stew (vegetarian option).

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A nice little stroll around town, thanks for your hospitality Edward and Natasha and congrats on your christenings!

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