Run #436

Mount Charles/Mavis Bank, St. Andrew

Sunday, 8 Feb, 2015

Start Time:
Bodacious TaTas, Burp, Wheeler Dealer
Tips from the hares: 'A beautiful location The river is great for swimming so take your swimming gear as the hash will start and finish at/in the river.'
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How We Got There:
Allow 1 hour for travel time from Papine to the location. Proceed through Papine to Gordon Town? at the Gordon Town Police Station turn right over the bridge and proceed to Mavis Bank. On the way you will pass through Dublin Castle and Guava Ridge then passing the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory on the RIGHT you will shortly enter Mavis Bank. At the Mavis Bank Police Station it is exactly 1.6 km to the turn off down to the river. Leaving the Mavis Bank Police Station proceed on the main DO NOT TURN LEFT at the T Junction proceed to Mount Charles passing the Scorpio Inn on the left and the Mavis Bank High School on the right. Shortly after this you will see a Kingdom Hall Jehovah Witness Church on the left over looking the road. Immediately as you pass the Church there is an unpaved road on the left in the middle of the sharp right hand corner. Proceed down the unpaved road (paved in spots) keeping left until you get to the bottom of the hill where the you park neatly on the road as the road ends up in a small housing scheme know as 'Back Scheme' (this will take about 10 minutes give or take). There is a short walk on a track to the river where the hash will start.
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Full Disclosure:
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Hasher # Hash Name


7Wheeler Dealer
464Bodacious TaTas


3Bulbie-Crisis-Subsa-Little Wicked
8Cool Runnings
9Energizer Bunny
41Immaculate Perception-Squatter
82Baby Crisis
84Babylon Bill
90Beck & Call
124Clueless Sherlock
124Clueless Sherlock
137Dainty Damsel
138Dancing Queen
155Downward Facing Dog
195Kangaroo Pouch
211Looney Tunes
233Nice Pair
239Occasional Erection
298Still Waters
310Truck Stop
795Error 404
805High Five
942Miss Roachie
943Prince Charming
965Hand Job
971Panic Attack


JamaicaEnid B (348)
JamaicaMaria C (405)
JamaicaAidan G (510)
JamaicaDoreen G (512)
JamaicaNicole H (567)
JamaicaTonisha K (600)
JamaicaGarvin O (699)
JamaicaAlexandra S (825)
JamaicaPaul S (826)
JamaicaPatricia T (848)
JamaicaDebbie W (889)
JamaicaBrandy L (915)
JamaicaClaudia B (919)
JamaicaCollin B (921)
JamaicaCraig J (924)
JamaicaDebbie S (927)
PortugalDiogo B (930)
PortugalDiogo F (931)
JamaicaLisa L (958)
JamaicaRenee G (976)
JamaicaSarah W (982)
JamaicaShauna Gay M (985)
JamaicaShelly-Ann R (986)
JamaicaYvonne B (999)
JamaicaCarlene B (1004)
IrelandPauline M (1020)

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