Run #397

Driver's River, Portland

Sunday, 14 Jul, 2013

Start Time:
Cockpit, Wendy Lee, Pumpkin Eater
This will be a riverside hash on the beautiful Driver?s River near Reach Falls in Portland, courtesy of property-owner Robert Hew. Apart from navigating the shallows and rapids, you will have opportunities to swim and enjoy the many lovely falls on this stretch of the river. Bring the usual Hash gear as well as swimsuits, towels, extra clothes and shoes, umbrellas (it?s Portland) and don?t forget your mosquito repellent!
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How We Got There:
From Kingston: Head east on highway A4 through St. Thomas, turning northeast and then north towards Manchioneal in Portland, going through Harbour View, Yallahs, Morant Bay, Port Morant, Golden Grove, Hector?s River, Happy Grove and Long Road. The total distance is approximately 60 miles / 96 km and you should allow two hours for the journey. About 0.6 miles / 1 km before you get to Manchioneal, you go over a big bridge and almost immediately turn LEFT off the highway. Turnoff point: N18 01.659 W76 17.037. From the West: Find your way to Port Antonio and continue east on A4 through Boston Bay. Still on A4, continue southeast through Long Bay and Manchioneal (about 20 miles / 32 km from Port Antonio). About 0.6 miles / 1 km past the Manchioneal Police Station, turn RIGHT off the highway, just before the big bridge. Allow 40 minutes for this part of your journey. Turn-off point: N18 01.659 W76 17.037. THEN, drive 1.7 miles / 2.7 km and turn LEFT onto the road that goes to Reach Falls. Turn-off point: N18 02.024 W76 18.357. Once you are on this road, drive 0.3 miles / 0.5 km to reach the driveways to the Hash site parking areas marked on the attached map. We are going to be using the Large Parking Lot (P3 on map). Driveways are at N18 01.944 W76 18.536. Download a routemap (.pdf) here. For reference, the UDC Reach Falls Parking Lot (P1 on the map) is another 0.2 miles / 0.3 km after the Hash driveways. UDC parking: N18 01.903 W76 18.720. The places marked A and B on the map are possible entry points to the river. Paths are marked in grey; Driver?s River and dry gully courses in blue.
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18Cotton Head
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80Atilla the Hun
82Baby Crisis
86Bakkle Tap
90Beck & Call
108Bottom Breather
129Cotton Sox
130Count Dracula
133Crash Proof
135CXC - B
155Downward Facing Dog
156Dreadful Flash
158Dry Spell
173Goat Kid
175Hash Hush
184JA German
205Legal Beagle 1
206Legal Beagle 2
211Looney Tunes
220Mighty Buffy
228Mountain Goat
233Nice Pair
249Pole Position
252Praying Mantis
253Pretty Puss
269Scrap Iron
279Silent Persuasion-Silent Orgasm-Silent Succession
289Something Wong
298Still Waters
302Talent Scout
305Tit Pincher
310Truck Stop
311Turkish Delight
317Useless Bolt-Cruyff
326Writers Block
438Lady Godiva
552Never Screams


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