Run #328

Dover, Portland

Sunday, 4 Jul, 2010

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Little Wicked, Praying Mantis
Little Wicked, alias Subsa Bulby Crisis and his Praying Possee, i.e. Praying Mantis, set a fun hash in the bushes of Dover, Portland, from the beach up a steep hill, alongside an aqueduct, into a waterfall and river back ON IN to the beach. If you did not see shreddie you were lost in the river, but all made it back in good time. After an extended bath in the waterfall Pole Position and her friend came in last, accompanied by a local youth who ensured they did not get lost. Has the real Dudus been extradited? The Hash Master and Constable commemorated Independence Day with their hat, but German flags were flying higher today after the defeat of the Argentinians! Go Germany go for the Cup! Yes, you can! Everyone enjoyed chilling, out on the beach, in the shade or in the water. Little Wicked had cooked from early and surprised us with delicate flavours of chicken, curry goat and pork with breadfruit and a side salad and some not so wicked rice.
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Anniversaries: Tarzan 220 runs Whealer Dealer 180 runs Czech Mate, Kiwi Fruit, Silent Assassin each with 20 runs Naming: Little Wicked, alias Crisis Bulby Subsa Special: The beer belly contest. The contestants could not agree on a winner! Was it to be the prettiest or largest? You decide for yourself!

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3Bulbie-Crisis-Subsa-Little Wicked
252Praying Mantis


1Rice N Peas-Captain Dozey
6Split Ends
7Wheeler Dealer
9Energizer Bunny
11The Vicar
12Herbal Death
16Betty Crocker
18Cotton Head
25Boot Camp
50Pilo Platz
54Trini Sexpress
83Baby Doc
86Bakkle Tap
99Big Mac
100Blow Job
108Bottom Breather
131Crack Sealer-Pussy Overload
136Czech Mate
138Dancing Queen
168Frau Brau
173Goat Kid
197Kiwi Fruit
204Lef Behine
212Lost Again
228Mountain Goat
230Multiple Entry
248Plumbers Mate
249Pole Position
256Pumkin Eater
259Rasta Air
269Scrap Iron
278Silent Assassin
279Silent Persuasion-Silent Orgasm-Silent Succession
317Useless Bolt-Cruyff


JamaicaDavide B (353)
JamaicaEmily B (354)
JamaicaAnton B (392)
JamaicaFelix B (393)
JamaicaGillian B (394)
JamaicaOscar B (395)
JamaicaAndnes C (401)
JamaicaNathalie Zoe F (483)
IrelandDamien F (486)
JamaicaRamon H (569)
JamaicaJordon P (729)
JamaicaAnnabella P (738)
JamaicaJennifer S (799)
JamaicaRobert S (800)
JamaicaClive S (811)
JamaicaAlicia S (829)
JamaicaPatricia S (842)

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