Run #285

Red Dress Run, Stony Hill, St Andrew

Sunday, 30 Nov, 2008

Start Time:
Rasta Shakespeare, Coco-Nuts
Running up to X-mas! Hares Rasta Shakespeare and Coco-Nuts are turning the Red Dress Run into a joyful tradition during The Season! This year even male hashers were encouraged to come "dressed" in RED and seriously participated in the showdown and contest for the Best Dressed Chicken! Photographer Franz Garcia's home was the base for this year's annual Red Dress Run. Visit Franz's website on www.franzgarcia.com. The trail was set around Stony Hill's steep mountain side, near to but avoiding Hermitage Damn. Still Maniac, Bulby and some new hashers were adamant to have a closer look at the damn and leave others waiting for the much awaited Best Dressed Chicken contest and award ceremony and food! Therefore the Constable had too much time to gather too much information and structure his reasoning for "punishments"! First of all Allison deserved a down down for perfecting the art of escaping her christening, forcing the Mis-Management Committee to convene an emergency sitting to rectify this obvious injustice. Myself, I got a down down for not shaving my northern area, mhhh... thus contesting with the Constable? FGI was called in the circle for consuming 23 minutes and 20 seconds to tell a 30 second story, thus forcing the Constable to listen to his tyrade. Sean for having sex on the hash with all three, Two Knees, Praying Mantis and Bulbette! Herbal Death for remarks infringing the No sex on the hash by declaring to Burp that sex on the hash reminds her of "Les Cargo Head"...??? Valerie for advertising to join the CIA and Boot Camp for misleading the chicken run fraternity. Dolly P for wishing us all a pink x-mas, Energizer Bunny for confusing the pack if he was Rudolph, the red nose reindeer or the white tailed a... Notorious Viking for bringing Christian Dior to the hash, Bulby for dumping excess fluid in the Hermitage Damn before landing ON IN and last but not least Split Ends for yet another of her lost and found personal items! And the Constable did not oversee to catch Bulby who was seeking gross attention, being pictured in the Gleaner and Gleaner online! Enough good reasons for down downs! And who will give the Constable a down down for his verbal excesses? New runners were welcomed: First of all 17 year old co-hare John-Michael Abbot who confessed that Auntie Anna, that is Coco-Nut, had made him come. He did the run 4 times that day, once to set, once sweep, and he had to keep sweeping 2 more times, searching for the lost 'damn' runners. Then Peter Kolbusch! Do we believe that he never hashed before during his many years in JA? Eric Delaval from Highway 2000 and his wife Jane Delaval, Christian Smellie, Bruce Frankson, both working on contract for FLOW to improve their fibre optic technology! Can we hope that their internet access eventually will be reliable? And HP brought with her Frances and Jessica Fulton, Grandma Stewart and Catherine! Such a memorable run also had memorable anniversaries to celebrate: Tarzan 180 runs, Herbal Death 120, Cockpit 30, Notorious Viking and Hash Monk Schnitzel Wrench 25, FGI 20, Jet Lee and Rasta Air 15 who claims that she must have been running for much longer. Don't we all? Oh, I almost forgot to mention .... and the winner of the Best Dressed Chicken contest is ... Tarzan! Followed closely by The Constable and Sleeping Beauty! Before you explore the pictures contributed by Count Dracula, here a new feature on the website! Those of you who use Windows explorer should be able to enjoy the video! Move your mouse over the black window on the right. The Web-Miss-Stress still has to figure out how to make it playable for all browsers. Yours truly, BMW
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Hasher # Hash Name


17Rasta Shakespreare


1Rice N Peas-Captain Dozey
3Bulbie-Crisis-Subsa-Little Wicked
6Split Ends
7Wheeler Dealer
8Cool Runnings
9Energizer Bunny
12Herbal Death
18Cotton Head
21Adjusted Attitude
25Boot Camp
34Dr Livingstone
38Full Service-Cry Babby
40Hurricane Charlie
42Indiana Jones
99Big Mac
103Body Bearer
130Count Dracula
138Dancing Queen
149Dolly P
162Fashion Bunny
165Fish outta wata
175Hash Hush
188Jet Li
209Long and Hard
216Maiden Plumbtree
217Malikia Wa Afrika
222Miss Stooshie
234No Claim Bonus
235No Pepper
236No Permit
238Notorious Viking
252Praying Mantis
256Pumkin Eater
258Queens Mom
259Rasta Air
268Schnitzel Wench
283Sleeping Beauty
288Soleless Joe
295Steel Drawers
307Top Banana
313Two For One
321Wheel Bearer


JamaicaEric D (453)
JamaicaJane D (454)
JamaicaBrady F (497)
JamaicaJessica F (499)
JamaicaBirgit H (547)
JamaicaManfred R (759)

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