Run #275

Gimme Me Bit, Clarendon Scrap Iron, Water Stop

Sunday, 20 Jul, 2008

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Scrap Iron and Water Stop
A small crowd of 28 gathered at "Gimme Mi Bit" where "Scrap Iron" and "Water Stop" had set their second hash in a row, equipped with a Google satellite picture and local support. We were guests at Scrap Iron's daughter's home. Thanks for the hospitality and the tasty stewed pork and baked chicken! The trail was laid across the Vernamfield Airfield, used by the US Air Force in WW II and the Jamaican Government's desired location for a new most ambitious project, a Cargo Hub for the Caribbean. So far these ideas are kept in the drawers of The Hon. Mike Henry, Minister of Transport and Works, and the airfield is blocked with debris, not to ease the logistics of certain herbal exports. The run was short so that no one would suffer from dehydration on the concrete trail laid in the hot depths of Clarendon! Still we don't know why "Gimme Me Bit" was named as such. The locals had no idea, "Rice 'N Peas" seems to believe it is the cry of a hawk that used to circle the skies in this area. The James Bond Field Guide to Birds in the West Indies does not mention any such cackling. "Tit Pincher" might be able to clarify this question on a next occasion! We welcomed four (4) new hashers: Luc from Brussels, who was visiting and came with Monica from Jamaica. Also joining us were Canadians Andrea and Daniel, in Jamaica for 6 months on a "sustainable" development mission. Even though the crowd was small and The Constable was missing, Grand Master Guano managed to call quite a line of sinners for a Down Down! Sex on the hash hashers, late-comers and an Assistant Hash Dray enjoyed their down downs from soup cups since the latter forgot the mugs, claiming they had not been washed properly since the last hash. Triple L, what the "bloody hell," we know they have not been washed for many hashes! Bulby entered the circle a few times, the last was to christen his new shoes, joined by Cockpit for the same sin. Both had managed to change into sandals but clever hashers, as shown in the pictures, know how to half drown you anyway! Toothpick left her chicken un-attended and lost it to one of the many dogs that were patrolling the yard, also she had to enter the circle for feeding her baby daughter with much appreciated Red Stripe. We were lucky that Lagerfeld made it back on time for the hash from his LTAA Life Time Achievement Award ceremony, held by magazine "Elle" in Berlin ,Germany, during Berlin's Fashion Week, earlier that week. Enjoy his pictures! ON ON, Yours truly, BMW
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6Split Ends
18Cotton Head
23Better Half
34Dr Livingstone
40Hurricane Charlie
99Big Mac
129Cotton Sox
130Count Dracula
138Dancing Queen
175Hash Hush
209Long and Hard
217Malikia Wa Afrika
230Multiple Entry
235No Pepper
256Pumkin Eater
258Queens Mom
288Soleless Joe
307Top Banana


JamaicaKarreem K (595)
JamaicaNadine R (748)
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JamaicaDjavan W (866)

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