Run #272

Brandon Hill Bridge, St. Mary (off Junction) - "Hash Master Inauguration"

Sunday, 8 Jun, 2008

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Bulby, Stephen, Nordia and Co.
74 saw the inauguration of JAH3 Hash Master Guano on June 8, 2008. He had been elected in his absence at our AGPU on May 24, 2008. Great care went into massaging his body with oil and depleting the collected objects over his body! Leaving Hash Master Rasta Shakespeare and his whim pack poured the new responsibility over him and had him cooling from below there while! Rasta Shakespeare enjoyed two down-downs, one for his services to the JAH3 as HM over the past 4 years and one on behalf of his absent Mattress, Coco-Nuts, who watched the Canadian Grand prix at home instead and is happy that her master can now choose when to go on a hash! Coco-Nuts' love for highly competitive sports made her start the JAH3 Olympics and organize 3 Olympics over the past 4 years. She has committed herself to continue organizing this fabulous special event. ON ON! Adjusted Attitude was visiting from Texas and we welcomed 12 new hashers: Vanessa Dellossa, Steve Brault, James and Marcia Heg, Jodi Ann Richards, Carroll Bryan, Isabelle Simandan (mmhh... I saw her on a hash before, maybe she was denied a down down because of her young age on these occasions), Birgit Hauk, Tashann McKenzie, Thomas, Keisha and Baby Bod. Split Ends got a down-down for wanting to see the new Hash Master completely naked whilst Triple L got one for obviously not meeting all of her sexual desires as a newly wed. Leaving hasher Chase Chandonnet was sent off with his christening as "Rum Chaser", so not to forget the JAH3 pack and his time in Jamaica! ON ON and best of luck to your final year in High School in Atlanta, Georgia! 7-Inches was sent off with a down-down to join the American Embassy and HHH in Bangkok. Thanks to the photographers for their contributions! Yours truly, BMW
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Hasher # Hash Name


3Bulbie-Crisis-Subsa-Little Wicked
82Baby Crisis


1Rice N Peas-Captain Dozey
6Split Ends
7Wheeler Dealer
8Cool Runnings
9Energizer Bunny
14Speedy-Speedy Gonzales
17Rasta Shakespreare
21Adjusted Attitude
23Better Half
34Dr Livingstone
40Hurricane Charlie
41Immaculate Perception-Squatter
42Indiana Jones
99Big Mac
130Count Dracula
138Dancing Queen
175Hash Hush
178Horse Man
188Jet Li
190John Revolting
191Johnny Hash
209Long and Hard
210Look & Jook
218Markes You Fart
230Multiple Entry
235No Pepper
238Notorious Viking
256Pumkin Eater
258Queens Mom
264Rum Chaser
272Sergeant Pepper
273Seven Inches
275Shady Lady
282Singing Bagpipe
283Sleeping Beauty
288Soleless Joe
304Tiny Bagpipes
307Top Banana
312Twirling Broomstick


JamaicaNate C (406)
JamaicaTracey C (411)
JamaicaIssac C (441)
JamaicaDonovan H (539)
JamaicaBirgit H (547)
JamaicaBryan P (720)
JamaicaLucy R (744)
JamaicaMonique R (747)
JamaicaCathrin R (767)
JamaicaMarion R (768)
JamaicaSarah S (823)
JamaicaChristine W (873)
JamaicaKeshia W (883)
JamaicaMaxine W (884)
JamaicaMichael Z (901)

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