Run #270

3rd Hash Olympics Long Bay, Portland

Saturday, 24 May, 2008

Start Time:
Rasta Shakespeare, Coco-Nuts
The 3rd Hash Olympics took place again in Long Bay, Portland. This year it was an all beach event, with quite a different taste to it. I don't just mean sand! Never before had the games been so highly competitive, creative and energetic! Big thanks and ON ON to Coco-Nuts whose creativity and organization made this happen! Coco-Nuts sorted us into 7 teams and instantly we witnessed the highly competitive bent of the 2008 games! Team identify was created when we gave ourselves names, such as "O-long-pics", "Cuntageous Cums", "Sea-Dogs", "6Hat6", "Come with me!", and "Just bring it". Everyone performed at their best for their teams to gain crucial points in following competitions, many times quarreling with the referees who tried to keep up with the pace when observing the Scandal Bag Hopping, Beach Item Search, Wheel Barrow Race, Musical Idiot's Hat, Boogie Boarding, Water Cup Race, Red Stripe Mount Madness, Sand Castle Building, and finally the Upside Down drinking contest. I am proud of being a member of the Bronze Medal winning team "Come with me!" with my fellow team members Burp, whose wildest dreams awarded us leading points in the Sand Castle contest, Rice'n'Peas and Abraham who both ran endlessly to fill the water bucket! Why did they choose the only girl in the team to swallow all that Red Stripe up side down? The Silver medal winning team "Just bring it" with Notorious Viking, Pothole, Louis Brais and Sean Stewart had strong prospects to win Gold, if Pothole had gotten over his pub crawl hangover faster, and if not beaten by the highly competitive all American Rumanian Team "6Hat6": Mother Chucker with brother Larry, Christine Wehrli and Count Dracula! Hermi sabotaged her Team's, "Cuntageous Cums'", efforts to win a medal when refusing to continue plough-ing the beach! "Kudos for her enthusiasm!" said her fellow team member Cockpit. Hermi was subsequently christened "Sabotage" by Cool Runnings! We had long waited to find a suitable name for our most avid over 60 runner! Good going from everyone!
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Hasher # Hash Name


17Rasta Shakespreare


1Rice N Peas-Captain Dozey
6Split Ends
8Cool Runnings
23Better Half
25Boot Camp
34Dr Livingstone
40Hurricane Charlie
42Indiana Jones
99Big Mac
130Count Dracula
138Dancing Queen
149Dolly P
191Johnny Hash
217Malikia Wa Afrika
218Markes You Fart
226Mother Chucker
238Notorious Viking
256Pumkin Eater
264Rum Chaser
268Schnitzel Wench
283Sleeping Beauty
288Soleless Joe
307Top Banana
312Twirling Broomstick


JamaicaCarlos S (72)
JamaicaLouis B (375)
JamaicaAbraham M (674)
JamaicaChristine W (873)
JamaicaRose W (874)
JamaicaSharon W (877)

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