Run #264

The Constable's Mansion Red Hills, St. Andrew

Sunday, 16 Mar, 2008

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Cool Runnings, TripleL
The Constable Cool Runnings and Indiana Jones had called to their annual Red Hills' Run. Pictures tell the story of the day, those that I received, and those that I did not receive. Not a single pic of the Jamaican buffet with all its sumptuous food! My thought therefore, food must have been great, no one took time to take a few shots while it was served! Exhaustion can be seen on the faces of even the fittest front runners, the steep Red Hills and Plantation Heights took their toll of everyone! Most important the after-party! I see a happy dancing Constable, even a dancing Tarzan, and the abundance of spirits and Split Ends' boobs in Cool Running's Wray and Nephew's bar, a big finish to a great day. Enjoy the pictures by Lagerfeld. He certainly has delivered a range of great shots, proving that he is not only named after Karl Lagerfeld for his hair style but also their shared interest in photography! Yours truly, BMW
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Dr. Livingstone's book keeping reports 70 hashers in attendance, 10 new runners and a few anniversaries: New runners: Cindy Tolbert, Posh Centra (Prince Charles? Who can shed light on this remark?), Carol Pryce, Sydona Plunket, Phillip Kerr, Winston Morris, Angella Wilson, Keisha Williams, Anna-Kaye Williams, Doreen McKenzie. It was Debbie and Sgt. Pepper's daughter's first appearance in the pack. We are certainly a well producing family hash! Our new born hash puppies are numerous, 3 attending today, while 2 others were missing! Anniversaries: Bulby 135, Split Ends 130, Soleless Joe 55, Dolly P 50, Chatter Box 35, Tiny Bagpipe 25, Karol Grounzak 15, Mutton 10, Triple L 10, Novelet 10.

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8Cool Runnings


1Rice N Peas-Captain Dozey
3Bulbie-Crisis-Subsa-Little Wicked
6Split Ends
7Wheeler Dealer
9Energizer Bunny
12Herbal Death
14Speedy-Speedy Gonzales
17Rasta Shakespreare
18Cotton Head
23Better Half
25Boot Camp
34Dr Livingstone
41Immaculate Perception-Squatter
42Indiana Jones
99Big Mac
117Carlys Rosette
149Dolly P
151Dora the Explorer
172Ginger Puss
178Horse Man
190John Revolting
191Johnny Hash
210Look & Jook
217Malikia Wa Afrika
226Mother Chucker
230Multiple Entry
233Nice Pair
239Occasional Erection
246Phalic Nopsis
252Praying Mantis
256Pumkin Eater
258Queens Mom
264Rum Chaser
268Schnitzel Wench
272Sergeant Pepper
273Seven Inches
275Shady Lady
279Silent Persuasion-Silent Orgasm-Silent Succession
281Silicone Valley
282Singing Bagpipe
288Soleless Joe
293St Paddys Revenge
304Tiny Bagpipes
312Twirling Broomstick


JamaicaFred B (386)
JamaicaSandy B (390)
JamaicaNate C (406)
JamaicaPeter D (456)
JamaicaManuel G (508)
JamaicaKarol G (531)
JamaicaNorma L (612)
JamaicaGreg M (655)
JamaicaSydni M (669)
JamaicaManfred R (759)
JamaicaLen S (815)
JamaicaSarah S (823)
JamaicaOlive W (869)
JamaicaKeshia W (883)

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