Run #244

Sligoville, St. Catherine

Sunday, 1 Apr, 2007

Start Time:
Pissing, Rice'n'Peas, Maniac, BMW, St. Patty's Revenge
Another Hash in Sligoville, this time set by Peesingh who loves to organise the food, to deal with the cooks , to spend long hours of reccying with supporting hares Rice'n'Peas, BMW and Maniac and St. Patty's Revenge - all of this weeks in advance and up until the very last minute to ensure the pack will experience a great hash! What a different site and sight this was from when I ran my first hash here in 2004! Where we used to cross rolling hills, earth had been (re-)moved, reportedly by Peesingh himself, to make room for 3 big sports fields, an athletic and football field, a cricket and a basketball field, all suitable for serious competitions with hundreds, maybe thousands of spectators in this rural area! The Chinese manage the construction site and were contributing the vegetable dish to our traditional Jamaican feast, which also featured a Dashin soup, created by a young aspirational woman, who is planning to attend the Caribbean cooking contest in the Bahamas in July, and Mrs. Bairds' delicious corn meal pudding. I counted 33 cars in the parking lot. So we had a good turn out of about 66 plus the odd hasher, on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. The Sligoville cool breeze made this challenging walk pleasant. Most of us shivered from the cold and moist air, while waiting for everyone to come back ON IN from the longer trail. All in all a most enjoyable hash! Great views of St. Cathrine and Kingston's coastline when the clouds allowed. Thanks to Peesingh and fellow hares! Yours truly, BMW Read St. Patty's Revenge's Hash Trash
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DOWN DOWNs for depleting the environs of many orchids: Herbal Death, Maniac..... ...the hares for joking all the fools on All Fools Day..... ... Safari Queen for forgetting her name..... ...Scrap Iron for being totally lost, knowing he had two functions, he got dressed for the Kiwanis Party... ...Peesingh for taking all his friends to work....and Jamaicanizing the Chinese effort, beholds the VIP status for the New Stadium ....Winsome for throwing herself at the constable's feet, clawed her way NORTH (he enjoyed that!), begging not to name her today.... ....Karol and Fukiko for learning gradually that the Hash is sexless!

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1Rice N Peas-Captain Dozey
293St Paddys Revenge


7Wheeler Dealer
8Cool Runnings
9Energizer Bunny
11The Vicar
12Herbal Death
14Speedy-Speedy Gonzales
16Betty Crocker
17Rasta Shakespreare
18Cotton Head
21Adjusted Attitude
23Better Half
24Bone Collector
41Immaculate Perception-Squatter
42Indiana Jones
99Big Mac
114Bush Swagger
130Count Dracula
138Dancing Queen
178Horse Man
226Mother Chucker
246Phalic Nopsis
249Pole Position
251Prairie Brush
254Professor Swarovski-Proposer
258Queens Mom
261Reef Rat-Motherload
267Safari Queen
268Schnitzel Wench
269Scrap Iron
282Singing Bagpipe
283Sleeping Beauty
288Soleless Joe
304Tiny Bagpipes


JamaicaHeather A (333)
JamaicaWinsome B (356)
JamaicaBrittany G (521)
JamaicaKarol G (531)
JamaicaYsabelle H (574)
JamaicaKeisha M (685)
JamaicaJoanna P (734)
JamaicaRosalee R (753)
JamaicaGillian U (856)

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