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Farquhars Beach, Milk River Spa, Clarendon

Sunday, 17 Apr, 2005

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Captain Compass and Co
"ALTHOUGH BLESSED with an untouched landscape, including a black sand beach, Farquhar's Beach in Clarendon has remained mostly hidden from the world..." No-one is quite sure when the first Farquhars came to Jamaica. As Hashers know, Columbus stumbled on Jamaica in 1494 while on his way to India. But notwithstanding that messup, he wasn't a Farquhar and as he was in charge of the ship, crew members dared not call him that! According to records, a few Farquhars came to Jamaica prior to 1800. Among their involvements was the Castle Wemyss Sugar Estate in Trelawny. Gilbert got married to Catherine Farquhar in 1802. These were true Farquhars and they soon had a son. Shortly after, it is said, the child's father suddenly left to live with another woman in another parish and one is not quite sure what happened to the motherFarquhar. With regard to the son, one rumour is that he - while still quite young - for some reason changed his name and moved to Clarendon. It's also not clear what eventually became of that wayward little Farquhar. MAYBE AT THIS HASH WE'LL GET SOME CLUES AS TO WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM FARQUHARS!
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In addition to the above preamble, one may recall that the directions to this hash had indicated that once we'd got to that famous Alligator Hole, we were pretty much at Farquhars Beach. The hares' gracious invitation, therefore, to take a swim at that same Beach was therefore the furthest thing from most minds when we got to that place. Best wishes to our half minded friends that obviously had reached there early and were seen happily emerging from the waters when we arrived. Most hashers in fact got there early. We were glad to welcome back Split Ends to the hash and to southern Clarendon she'll never forget the experience she had on her last time out. The beach itself was indeed remote lots of sunshine and not a tree in sight. The fisherfolk in the area were very friendly and a bit surprised to see us, the large group of rabble rousers descending on their environs. So, after a few brief instructions from Captain Compass, Game Boy, Seahorse and Cottonhead, the hash got underway. Off went Rasta Shakespeare, Rice n Peas, Wheelnutz, new recruit Silicone Valley and amazingly the Maniac, all at breakneck speed. The landscape was typical black sand beach-front with all the expected vegetation. The Front Running *B@$t@??#s soon had to slow down and take their time climbing through the mangled shoreline foliage. You couldn't avoid getting wet as the trail took us right across the shallow mouth of the Milk River and on to another long, long sandy stretch. This was no fun especially if you're trying to run and all this took the wind out of some of the too speedy FRBs who wisely decided to slow down and enjoy the landscape as it became more varied and interesting. The trail then led us inland and after navigating one too many false trails on the dry, flat Clarendon macka-brush, we seemed to be heading directly towards the banks of the Milk River the DEEP Part this time. One worried hasher screamed 'I'm not swimming across THAT !!! , but as we came closer, a pleasant surprise awaited us The hares had arranged a boat !!! The 10-minute boat ride down the Milk River to meet the trail on the other side was indeed very pleasant! A cool and calm respite from the worries of the world (and the worries of this hash!) All that was missing was a cooler box of Red Stripe. But that would soon come: after some more hashing through the bushes we arrived at the welcome beer stop. The remainder of the trail took us along established roadway path, and we got to interact with a few residents as we trekked back. 'Are you guys crazy ? , one guy asked running around like this in the sun hot ? We tried to explain the nonsense we were up to and he eventually seemed to understand especially when we said that we were heading towards a truck filled with cold beer. In turn, Jailbait and a few others asked him what happened to all the Farquhars we expected to find there. His explanations were quite enlightening and revealing. The Down Down ceremony was followed by a tasty meal. There was an inevitable shower of rain which came just in time to cool things down. Another great hash at a very interesting location. ON ON !!!

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