Run #143

Freetown, Clarendon, off Highway 2000

Sunday, 26 Jan, 2003

Start Time:
Colin, Wheeler Dealer and the H2K Crew
It was promised that after this hash, we'd all become experts in highway design and all the civil engineering skills that go with it. The first test was to actually FIND the start of the hash. THAT first test for the potential engineers went smoothly enough and we all gathered in the wide open space (perhaps the site of a future toll booth) for the hash course in highway engineering. The clouds gathered ominously and a few drops of rain appeared - much to the delight of many of the 70+ hashers that had gathered for the start. "I don't like hashing in the rain," said one young female hasher who immediately retreated back into the safety of her car. Overhearing this, the hares, like good engineers, contrived with the heavens to halt what seemed like it would have been a certain downpour. The rest of the day would remain comfortably cool, sans precipitation and excellent conditions for the afternoon's exertions. After some brief words from the hash master and the hares, we immediately set off - first crossing mountains of stones, sand and aggregate (in various sizes), before actually traversing a 200 metre length section of a freshly paved portion of Highway 2000. In fact it was so fresh that all hashers got their soles blackened from a short length of roadway that had some black stuff on it. Rasta Shakespeare, John Revolting and the FRB*'s raced on ahead and then followed the trail to the right - off the highway and then down into some stony tracks. Then came a decision circle and they all chose to go left and had to chase round and round and round. Of course, in the hash, no act of extreme athleticism goes unpunished, and the front runners soon found that they ended up right smack at the back of the pack - behind those who had taken the correct turn at the decision point. Then came the tunnel ! Seventy-something brave hashers entered this circular 10ft diameter tunnel and trekked for what seemed to be several hundred metres. There were lots of screams. We recognized the shrieks of Full Service and a few others as well as the calming words of The Vicar as we approached the end of the tunnel and emerged into lush green vegetation (aka bush !!!). We learned that the tunnel was in fact part of a proposed drainage facility for the highway. A couple of obviously impressed hashers were heard listening to some explanations... "Good drainage design is a matter of properly balancing technical principles and data with the environment and giving due consideration to other factors such as safety and economics etc etc and blah blah...the fields of hydrology and the hydraulics of highway drainage are rapidly evolving and engineers need to keep abreast of the latest developments etc etc and blah blah blah..." Well, WHATEVER ! The next 45 minutes or so would be spent running around in the bush. This was almost like a forest. "I never knew we had rain forests like this in the middle of the island", said one new Jamaican hasher, "if these Highway 2000 people have to clear this land for the highway, they have a LOT of work to do !" There were several false trails. All were (thankfully) very well marked and they allowed the opportunity to have even more fun exploring and observing the varied vegetation in the hinterland. The trail took us to some rough access road. We followed under a highway bridge (noting the static and dynamic vertical and horizontal alignment) then turned right and it was obvious that we were on our way back to the starting point. Everyone enjoyed the run - well, ALMOST everyone. Maiden Plum was rattled about something and disappeared before the start of the down down ceremony. Pothole was however on hand and volunteered to take the down down on her behalf. There were several newcomers and hash names were given to Yellow Crapper and ScareCrow. Next came a very delicious meal - fish tea, curry goat barbecue chicken and lots of vegetables. The general consensus was that this was one of the better hashes in recent memory. However, as far as Highway 2000 is concerned, there definitely is a LOT of work to be done. The moniker Highway 3000 as coined by our wise Grand Master, doesn't now seem to be too far fetched. Fortunately, thanks to the hash course in highway design, the authorities now have 70+ new highway engineering experts that can be called on to assist ! ON ON !!! *FRB Front Running Bastard
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