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Sunday, 20 May, 2001

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Burp, Tarzan, Check Onback & Wheeler Dealer
This was the third run to take place at Dallas. The hares promised it would be different and different it certainly was. First of all, do you remember the old saying 'What goes up must come down ? Well, I can only remember going up for this hash. Up, up, and then up some more. I don't think there was any down ! OH YES, there was that one CLIFF that we all fell off of How could I have forgotten THAT ? Good grief ! The thing is, it happened so quickly. The REALLY lasting memory was the steep upward climb. How could the hares have done that to us ? I think these were the same fellows that set the run at that fish farm in Clarendon. Now, THAT was a good day. That 'run was really just a walk to the food on the buffet table and lots of liquid refreshment. What a great day ! This time, I suppose the hares wanted to make up for that. We'd have to WORK for our refreshments. As mentioned, we climbed up for what seemed to be hours. There was a passing shower to cool us down but that couldn't dissipate the heat that was being generated in our thighs. The cries for 'ON ON disappeared a bit as the hashers respected the lovely singing from two of the churches in the area. My, my Sunday morning services go on pretty late in THIS neck of the woods don't they ? After the upward climb and then the 'cliff and a few false trails, the route took us past several barking dogs. We travelled for some distance along the banks of a river before arriving tired and exhausted at Unity Bar for the Down Downs. The Red Stripe was extra refreshing on this occasion a good appetizer for the tasty curried goat and ackee that was to come. There were several newcomers to the run. Among the Down Down awardees was Maniac for well for being a Maniac and No Service for you guessed it ! A naming ceremony took place for Billy Goat, Nanny Goat and the Kids. We hope this cures them of their allergy. Debra was made Hash Idiot for the week. Halfway through the hash she was heard asking the tired puffing hashers for the gas station. Gas Station ? What Gas Station ? Haggis' advice was for her to catch a bee and wait for it to pee then she could use the BP that came out - but she figured it wouldn't be enough to fill her tank. OK Debra. We understand your predicament. After all, we ARE in DALLAS. You know like Oil country ! Why, Bush comes from here for crying out loud. I won't swear, but I'm pretty sure we even ran into a few bushes during the trail . We're not looking for barrels of crude. The least we'd expect to be able to find is a couple gallons of fuel for the car !
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