Run #062

Cranbook Flower Forest

Sunday, 2 Apr, 2000

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Subs'a & Slag Bag
The 2-hour drive to the Cranbrook Flower Forest was the longest drive to a JAH3 hash in recent memory. Despite that, a fair sized group numbering about thirty-something arrived expectantly at this lovely oasis for Hash #62. By the way, we don't know the exact number because No Service, our usual record keeper, on this occasion really gave us NO SERVICE and didn't turn up ! The counting and record keeping was left to Bags and we all know that he can't count past 6 (the number of beers he can drink without taking a leak). Anyway, on to the hash. After a rather complicated briefing session which included certain weird instructions (such as some mention about putting our stuff on a cart or something like that ? what's that all about?), the merry group took off up a heartbreaking hike up a hill and then into the forest. A few latecomers caught up at a check point which offered three possible routes one going down, one through a barbed-wire fence and the other going up. The latter was the apparent correct route and it turned out to be rather pleasant trek along the banks of the river. After negotiating a couple of false trails, the trek led further up along the river bank and eventually to a lovely pool which, it seemed, was right at the source of the river. The water was coming from out of the earth somewhere and was crystal clear and not cold at all. In short, it was TOO inviting. Hashers - male, female, young and not so young all in various stages of dress and undress - started jumping in immediately. Part of the pool was rather deep so those adventurous and talented enough could really show off with their diving skills. Another part was shallow enough so as to allow several of the horrors to wade safely. The swimmers were really getting settled at this point enjoying the fantastic pool swimming and splashing about and for a while forgetting the day's agenda. It was too good to last 'FALSE TRAIL , Slag Bag was heard to blurt out and the troops reluctantly came out of the pool and retraced their steps for several chains until the correct path was found. ON ON we went taking another path through the woods eventually arriving at a riverside barbecue. We then realised that a handful of the hashers in the pool decided not to come out of the water at all and instead chose to follow the river to the barbecue point where the Down Downs took place. Those folks who were not listening keenly at the briefing session now realised that the hash pre-briefing included a suggestion that foodstuff and other items for the barbecue be put on the cart - provided by Cranbrook management - to be transported to the barbecue spot. This barbecue spot was some distance away from the parking lot ! The Down Down Ceremony included awards to the hares (Subs'a and Slag Bag), a group of 3 (who seemed to want to have their own down down ceremony somewhere else) plus several horrors. There were also awards for hashers who made the quote of the week list here's one of the winning quotes "...and if you have maggots growing in your foot (sorry for being so graphic on your radio program my dear, but that's the real world out there and it really happens) and if you happen to use a towel to wipe that maggot-infested foot, don't use the same towel to wipe your face !" ugh!!! On a much much more pleasant note, awards were also handed out to the half-a-dozen or so contestants in the wet T-Shirt contest. In an energetic Naming ceremony including the customary beer bath new names were given to Fred Flinstone and Wilma Flinstone. As mentioned, the way back to the parking lot was longer than many expected but it allowed a stroll through some beautiful gardens lined with flowers and orchids of every description. This was a truly delightful location and a well spent day well worth the longish drive from Kingston.
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