Run #058

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

Sunday, 6 Feb, 2000

Start Time:
Haggis, Numb Nuts, Flying Scotsman
Maybe it was the promise of free coffee and a free tour of the coffee factory that encouraged the large group of hashers to turn out REAL EARLY for Run # 58. The early ones were seen strolling leisurely and even having picnics in these foothills of the Blue Mountains. Anyway, Haggis and Numb Nuts and (Hey, where was the Flying Scotsman ???) soon rounded up the troops and prodded them to get going and even hinted that MAYBE the run could actually pass through the Coffee Factory. ON ON we went first thisaway, then back, then thataway, then back as the group manouevered two false trails in succession. Surely enough the path then took us through the Coffee Factory then down a short slope to a check point just below. 'Guess that was the promised free tour of the factory, someone was heard to remark, as the group gathered at the check point and pondered the next move. SCREECH !!! Just then a car full of latecomers raced up, obviously relieved to have caught the hashers before they had gone off too far. There were three possible directions all looking equally false. Rice n Peas, Anton and a couple others took the path to the right, disappearing past a large storage tank and further past a stream and into the bushes. They soon turned back after coming up on the false trail sign. An energetic group consisting of Slag Bag, 007 and a few others took the steep uphill path to the left actually running at great speed UPHILL. (Come to think of it, we never really saw them come back and haven't seen them since !!). Most people including the hares chose the central path, winding slowly and gently uphill then across a ridge then up some more. We passed a mini 'lake . Most were disgusted with the foul smell but believe it or not, some actually thought the smell was rather sweet and could even detect some faint traces of coffee in the 'aroma . Anyway, up, up, we went some more. The not too fit in the group stopped along the way for a rest. The path took us eventually out to a main road and another circular check point. 'CHECK IT OUT ! , yelled someone pointing to one possible route up hill. Not many went to check it out and the group gladly made their way down the paved road hopefully back to the starting point. The down downs were held beside a nice gazebo at the factory. Special awards were made to the hares Haggis and Numb Nuts and (Hey, where was the Flying Scotsman ???). The Flying Scotsman was absent but, living up to his name and nationality (known for thrift) and not wanting a drop of beer to waste he flew up a family member to have the drink on his behalf. There was a rather large number of newcomers. Next came a very nice lecture 'All you want to know about the manufacturing and marketing of coffee - provided by the knowledgeable and erudite owner of the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, Mr. Keble Munn. Mr. Munn described the processing details and explained the reason for the foul smelling lake. Then came the free coffee and a proper tour of the factory for those who wanted it. After the hash, sometime hasher Kurt, a man very familiar with the area, led a group consisting of Subs'a, Rainer, Anton, Rice n Peas and a half a dozen others to a local watering hole to spend another couple of hours until twilight. Seems as if the good Blue Mountain coffee had sobered them up too much. And who wants to get home from a hash too sober
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