Run #052

Camelot, (Near Irish Town)

Sunday, 14 Nov, 1999

Start Time:
Sunshine & Lisa
Not even the threat of the looming HURRICANE LENNY could prevent the spirited army of brave knights (including some horrors) from assembling near Camelot for Run #52. The smiling hares told us to look out for shreddy, flour and ribbons (RIBBONS ?) and that the hash would be approximately 2 hours. 'She really means 2 kilometres, mumbled the Flying Scotsman, and aiming to finish in a flash maybe before Hurricane Lenny struck - immediately charged off at terrific speed followed by the Hash Idiot (Slag Bag), Subs'a and a few other energetic yet seriously misguided miscreants, in the general direction of Newcastle. That, of course, was a false trail and the misguided, after yet another falsie, eventually later caught up at a nice check point near one of the entrances to Strawberry Hill. The Hashers rested briefly, enjoying the lovely smells and views and no doubt expecting to stroll, skip playfully and somehow enjoy the fantastic facilities at Strawberry Hill. WRONG !! We were immediately made to know our place when one of SH's gate staff spied over at us suspiciously and politely requested that we all be quiet. We then realised that the trail led us away from the grounds of SH, then across a winding path, then down some slippery slopes. For those who took the time to look, there were some breathtaking views of Kingston and the harbour. It was remarkably clear, given the weather that threatened at the start. Anyway, down, down, down. Past a couple of puzzled looking cows and then down some more. 'Dat one might buck you warned young Christopher, the hares' assistant, as he encouraged the hashers to walk well wide of a particularly mean looking cow (or was it a bull ?). Screams filled the air no doubt from a couple of the horrors we thought. Wrong again. The screams were from Nuria. Francisco's soothing tenor provided little comfort as the approach was made through some soft mud just before the check point at the bottom of the valley. Having headed this far down, the general consensus was that we must surely, somehow now start heading up. So not even the Hash Idiot followed the Flying Scotsman as he raced off down, down some more. The rest of us headed across, then up, all the time enjoying the varied vegetation coffee, pimento, guava, bananas to name a few. The sounds of a river were heard, but this turned out to be much smaller than expected a mere brook. A few hashers, however, paused to wash off their muddy hands. On On up a long paved stretch. Finally to a lovely courtyard near Camelot. At the end, no Holy Grail, but sure enough - a Round Table loaded with Red Stripe ! A great run in what turned out to be excellent Hash weather. Among the Down Downs were awards to The Hares Sunshine and Lisa; Newcomers Manuela, Christopher and Frau Bergmeier; Subs'a for profiling; Francisco for singing on the Hash; Rice n Peas was made Hash Idiot for running in his new Y2K cap.
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