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Please send an RSVP by 5pm on the Thursday before the hash so we have an idea for parking, food, beer and other logistical matters etc.
The hares will need to inform the caterers!

Please Note:
Reservation obliges to purchase.

Complete the form below indicating names and numbers of proposed attendees and any required meals - specifying your choice and numbers.

Then simply click the Submit button!

A brief note about Hash Names for the masses:

Hash names are not like WWE stage names, or a cool moniker that you give to yourself, they are specific titles allocated to you by the mis-management committee. In order to get a name you need to have taken part in at least 10 Hash runs and also to have set a Hash, and even then you are at the whim of the committee as to when you will be 'baptised'. You do not get to choose your name, the committee will give you your name based on their interpretations of your personality, or the job you do, or something that may have happened to you on a hash. You will know when you have been given a name as you will enjoy a baptism at an end of run Hash Circle and it is something you will remember.

If you wish to be known by a 'cool' nickname for registration or on the Hash then feel free to go by that name, but please understand that it will not be an official Hash Name until decreed by the Committee. In the meantime to avoid database clutter and mis-representation please stick to using the same details each time you register or attend a Hash and make life easier for us all.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that when completing the form it really makes our lives easier if you do it correctly - we have around 3,000 people in the database so accurate information is required.

If you have been officially baptised by this Hash group then your name should appear on the drop down list.
If not then please do NOT use other people's name that you think are funny or cool as you will mess up their stats.
Please enter your own, full name (or what you want to be known as all the time). Don't just use christian names assuming that we know you as chances are we don't!

We really appreciate your co-operation here, it may not be important to you, but it is to others so please be nice!

The meal options for this Hash are:

Pork or Chicken (local, not shop bought!) plus usual rice & accompaniments!

Please enter the Hash name (where possible) of all runners planning on attending this Hash - it will make the organisers jobs a lot easier!!

Click on the Name of 1st Runner button to bring down a list and either start typing your Hash Name or scroll down the list to find it.
If you are registering on a mobile then I'm sorry but you'll just have to scroll down :(

If you can't find, or don't have a hash name then please select the NOT LISTED option and complete the new box that will appear.

You can enter up to 6 names here, if you have more then please reload the page once you have submitted and add another batch of names.

Please be patient and wait for a response - no need to click more than once!
If we get bombarded with Spam then there may be a need to add extra security here, but for now you just need to click the Submit button to proceed

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