Coming Soon!!

Bear with us whilst we get the information together, but you will soon be able to see what is available from the little box of tricks!!
From Bumper stickers to T-shirts, Polo's and special event memorabilia we will try to list it all here, so you can have your cash ready on Sunday :)

In the meantime check out some of the old designs to whet your appetite.

bootThe original Columbus Boot
Since 1998
Designer: Karen Collins, Louis Matalon
sloganThe Hash short story
On shirts since 2004
Origin: unknown
mugJAH3 Mug
Since 2004
Graphic Design: Quizz Sigurdson
wickiewackiWickie Wackie
Run 150, May 2003
Design: unknown
laststandLast Stand of Grand Master Slag Bag
July 2003
Design: unknown
xmasChristmas Hash, James Bond Beach
December 2003
Design: Psycho
bluemntnBlue Mountain Hashes
Early 2004
Graphic Design: Quizz
sigmaSigma Run
April 2004
Graphic Design: Quizz
agpu04AGPU and first final farewell for Hash Master Haggis
October 2004
Design: Psycho
olympics1st JAH3 Olympics, Longbay
May 2005
Design: Psycho
worthyWorthy Park - despite the shirt, it's a Sugar Estate!
September 2005
Design: Psycho, Quizz
castletonCastleton Gardens
Jauary 2006
Design: Quizz
usaAmerican Independance Day Hash
July 8, 2007
Idea: Mother Chucker. Design: Matthias Middle East, Bahrain
10yranni10th Anniversary Hash
February 17, 2008
Idea: Coco-Nuts. Design: Quizz
agpu2011AGPU 2011
March 6,2011
Design: Psycho
foolFool Moon 2013
June 22,2013
Design: Unknown


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