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Run Date Location Hares
506Sunday, 28 Jan, 2018Swift River, PortlandClueless Sherlock, Crisis, Dracula

Receding Hare Line

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Run Date Location Hares
505Sunday, 14 Jan, 2018Golden Springs, St Andrews ParishHelping Hands, Jodi Ann, Road Runner
504Sunday, 10 Dec, 2017Harkers Hall, St Catherine. (About 14km East Of Bog Walk)Deadstock + Crisdan
503Sunday, 26 Nov, 2017RED DRESS HASH. Country road on the Cassava River, just past Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew ParishLooney Tunes, Bach Final, Clueless Sherlock, Deker
502Sunday, 12 Nov, 2017Sligoville Square, Sligoville, St Catherine parishBulby and Co - Tyler Mullen
501Sunday, 29 Oct, 2017Belgian Residence. 30 Millsborough Crescent, Kingston 6 Fareleak, Guy Sevrin
500Sunday, 15 Oct, 2017Rafters Rest, Rio Grande, Portland (Same location as 2017 Hash Olympics)Crises + Clueless Sherlock
499Sunday, 1 Oct, 2017Trinity Ville, (at the Crossroads) St ThomasClueless Sherlock (Hashmaster) + Lagerfeld
498Sunday, 17 Sep, 2017Ramble, St ThomasBody Parts & Spare Parts + Toya, Onno, Leland Shepard
497Sunday, 27 Aug, 2017# 1 Riverside Heights, Gordon Town, St AndrewStill Waters + Robin + emergency crew!
496Sunday, 13 Aug, 2017Robertsfield, near Mavis Bank, St Andrew ParishFareleak, Burp
495Sunday, 23 Jul, 2017Farm at Little Orchard, Nr Linstead, St CatherinePaul Brisset, Cockpit, Wendi Peart
494Sunday, 9 Jul, 2017Mad Riva, Sand Hill, St MaryFareleak, Kelly-Ann, Eric
493Sunday, 25 Jun, 2017Alderley, White Horse, St ThomasRice n Peas, Bottom Breather, Borat
492Sunday, 11 Jun, 2017Red Gal Ring jerk centre, (on hair pin bend), Stony Hill Rd, Stony Hill. Bottom Breather, Jugs-Drugs, Andrea
491Sunday, 21 May, 2017Goodwill Farms, Guys Hill, St Catherine - POSTPONEDPaul Brissett, Cockpit, Wendi Peart
491aSunday, 21 May, 2017Donovan Bar, Port RoyalCaptain Dozey, Lori
490Sunday, 7 May, 2017Boon Hall Oasis, Stony Hill, St AndrewClueless Sherlock, Helping Hands + friends
489Sunday, 23 Apr, 2017Carnival Hash. The Deck, (Bar/restaurant), Trafalgar Rd, KingstonHashmaster - Clueless Sherlock
488aSaturday, 15 Apr, 2017Annual Norbrook/Hollywell Hike - Father, Forgive us for our sins...Big Mack, Wheel Nutz, Rice 'n Peas, Bulby
488Sunday, 2 Apr, 2017Castleton, St Mary (Where the police station is on the main Junction road)Warren Williams, Helping Hands, Beanie Bud
487Sunday, 19 Mar, 2017Windsor Forest Primary school, Windsor Forest, PortlandFareleak, Shaneall, Kelly-Ann
486Sunday, 5 Mar, 2017Fiesta Seafood Restaurant & Sports Bar, !!UPDATED DIRECTIONS!!Rice n Peas, & Helping Hands
485Sunday, 19 Feb, 2017Palmetto Grove, St MaryBulby and Co
484Sunday, 5 Feb, 2017Ramble, St ThomasPanic Attack, Wheeler Dealer, Ms Roachie
483Sunday, 22 Jan, 2017New Garden Rd, Mt James, St andrewLaura Aucain + Maria Harrison
482Sunday, 8 Jan, 2017Rose Hill, Travel Halt, PortlandCrises (Owen) & Oshene Edwards
481aSaturday, 10 Dec, 2016!!!JAH3 CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! at Bulbies houseBulbie & The JAH3 Committee
481Sunday, 27 Nov, 2016Devon's Pen, (just past Friendship Gap) St MaryClueless Sherlock, Helping Hands
480Sunday, 13 Nov, 2016The Pines, 15-17 Millsborough Avenue, Kingston. Townhouse 32Francis & Sarah
479Sunday, 30 Oct, 2016Andrew's house. Somerset, Portland. Yes. It is at the back of the Somerset Falls.Bulbie & Co (Owen)
478Sunday, 16 Oct, 2016Windy Manor, Stanmore Dist, Malvern PO, Santa Cruz Mts, St ElizabethDecent Proposal
477aSaturday, 15 Oct, 2016Hash Olympics 2016, Golden Sands apartment complex, Treasure Beach.HashMaster
477Sunday, 2 Oct, 2016CANCELLED - Devon's Pen, (just past Friendship Gap) St MaryHelping Hands & Clueless Sherlock
476Sunday, 18 Sep, 2016Uncle Lawn, Caenwood Road community, Hope Bay, PortlandDon't Panic & Crises
475Sunday, 4 Sep, 2016Hollywell Forest parkClueless Sherlock, Helping Hands
474Sunday, 21 Aug, 2016Bob Marley Beach, Bull Bay, St ThomasBody Parts and Spare Parts
473Sunday, 7 Aug, 2016Rock Hill beach, Rodney Hall, PortlandFareleak, Nicolas et al
472Sunday, 24 Jul, 2016Valley High Farm, Ballard's Valley Rd, Hampstead, St MaryCockpit, Pumpkin Eater, Susie Lowe
471Sunday, 10 Jul, 2016Nature's Park, Bog Walk, St. CatherineBulby, Two Knees & Company
470Sunday, 26 Jun, 2016 Red Hills/Golden Acres (Dusty/Indiana Jones' Place)Cool Runnings, Indiana Jones, Helping Hands, Hand Job, Bulbie
469Sunday, 12 Jun, 2016Sun Coast Adventure Park (St. Thomas)Sharon & Calvin, Pumpkin Eater & Cockpit
468Sunday, 29 May, 2016Kalcutta HQ Bar and Grill (Cudjoe Hill), St. CatherineCotton Head & Bulbie
467Sunday, 15 May, 2016Powell Plaza, Manor Park - A Farewell Run!!Milkshake, Kangaroo Pouch, High Five, Goldilocks
466Sunday, 1 May, 2016White Hall Farm, St. ThomasCockpit, Pump'kin Eater
465Sunday, 17 Apr, 2016Rafjam Bed & Breakfast, Middleton Red Light, Rural St. AndrewWarren, Nelly, Nejila, Janet
464Sunday, 3 Apr, 2016The Deck, Trafalgar RoadClueless Sherlock & Co.
463Sunday, 20 Mar, 2016Stewart Town, Scotts Run (Hectors River, Portland)Bulbie & Company
462Sunday, 6 Mar, 2016Tommy's Highway Bar, Grove, St. CatherineBulbie & Company
461Sunday, 21 Feb, 2016Geddes Great House, Brittonville, (near Bamboo), St. AnnAngela and Wayne
460Sunday, 7 Feb, 2016Advance HQ (near Wynters Park), St. CatherineCotton Head, Bulbie
459Sunday, 24 Jan, 2016Ken-Ann complex, Cudjoe Hill, St. CatherineKaydean, Nicolas, Fareleak
458Sunday, 10 Jan, 2016Riverside Heights, Gordon Town, St. AndrewStill Waters, Clueless Sherlock
457Sunday, 13 Dec, 2015Maroon Village, Charles town (near Buff Bay, Portland)Looney Tunes & Pay as You Go
456Sunday, 29 Nov, 2015"The Brigadoon", Paddington Terrace, St. AndrewEdward and Natasha
455Sunday, 15 Nov, 2015Bowden Hill, St. AndrewKangaroo Pouch, Milkshake, Irene
454Sunday, 1 Nov, 2015Bally High Farm, Hampstead, St. MaryCockpit, Egret
453Sunday, 18 Oct, 2015Blue Hole, near Ocho Rios, border of St. Mary and St. AnnClueless Sherlock, Queen Mom, Hand Job
452Sunday, 27 Sep, 2015Langley Great House, St. AndrewJan, Fareleak
451Sunday, 13 Sep, 2015Jack's Hill, St. AndrewHash Master, Queen Mom, Hand Job
450Sunday, 30 Aug, 20158 Miles - Bull Bay, St. AndrewLagerfeld, Nadine
449Sunday, 16 Aug, 2015Shotover Gardens, PortlandImmaculate Perception, Bulbie, Rice & Peas
448Sunday, 2 Aug, 2015Farquhar Beach (Milk River, Clarendon)Bulbie, Nadine, Carla
447Sunday, 19 Jul, 2015Silver Hill Bridge Portland (Local Name: Fishdun River)Wheeler Dealer, Burp, Bodacious Tatas, Cavell
446Sunday, 5 Jul, 2015Morant Point lighthouse, St. ThomasPesing, Deadstock, Drill Sergeant, Rice and Peas
445Sunday, 21 Jun, 2015Community Centre, Jack's Hill, St. AndrewQueen mom, Handjob, Fareleak
444Sunday, 7 Jun, 2015Donovan Bar, Port RoyalBulby & Co
443Sunday, 24 May, 2015River Edge (near Anotto Bay), St. MaryWheeler Dealer, Burp, Sniffer, Clueless Sherlock
442Sunday, 10 May, 2015Wataland, Industry, St. MarySniffer, Kim Brooks, Clueless Sherlock
441Sunday, 26 Apr, 2015Wallenford depot, Mount James, St. AndrewFareleak
440Sunday, 12 Apr, 2015CARNIVAL HASH !!!, The Deck, Kingston, St. AndrewCrisis, Grant
439Sunday, 22 Mar, 2015Lloyds (near Yallahs, St. Thomas)Queen Mom, Maureen, Pottinger & Diamond
438Sunday, 8 Mar, 2015Jambos Pond, St. CatherineKangaroo Pouch, Milkshake (High Five and Goldie)
437Sunday, 22 Feb, 2015Burlington, Rio Grande, PortlandBulby & Co
436Sunday, 8 Feb, 2015Mount Charles/Mavis Bank, St. AndrewBodacious TaTas, Burp, Wheeler Dealer
435Sunday, 25 Jan, 2015Longville Park Farm, ClarendonBam Bunting, Danice Thompson, Edward Downer and Natasha Leiba
434Sunday, 11 Jan, 2015Sherbourne Heights, St. AndrewEnergizer Bunny, Full Service, Pole Position
433Sunday, 30 Nov, 2014Champagne Sports Bar on the Salt River Road, ClarendonPaul & Co
432Sunday, 16 Nov, 2014Rio Magno, near Cedar Valley, St. CatherineFareleak & Co
431Sunday, 2 Nov, 2014Seaview Lawn, Buff Bay, PortlandGreenaway & Associates + Bulby
430Sunday, 19 Oct, 2014Blue Hole Gardens, Roaring River, Petersfield, WestmorelandClueless Sherlock, Sniffer and Queen mom
429aSaturday, 18 Oct, 2014Hash Olympics 2014, Sea Splash Resort, Negril, WestmorelandHashMaster
429Sunday, 12 Oct, 2014Dallas Castle, St. AndrewBorat, Still Waters, Jean
428Sunday, 28 Sep, 2014Jamaican German Society (not Barbican Beach )Nahmile + Peter P. Eater
427Sunday, 14 Sep, 2014Strawberry Fields, St. MaryNice Pair, Useless Bolt
426Sunday, 31 Aug, 2014Evita's, Ocho Rios, St. AnnTameca, Claudja, Rice & Peas
425Sunday, 17 Aug, 2014Metzger Gardens (Beach), just outside Bull Bay, St. ThomasLegal Beagles, Bulby & Co
424Sunday, 3 Aug, 2014Cockpit River, near Freetown, ClarendonCottonhead, Bulby & Co
423Sunday, 20 Jul, 2014Natures Park, Jews Pen near Bog Walk, St. CatherineCottonhead, Bulby & Co
422Sunday, 6 Jul, 2014All seasons resort Greenwood, St. James (cancelled)John Revolting & Loony Tunes
421Sunday, 22 Jun, 2014Rafters Rest, St. Margarets Bay, PortlandBulby & Co. + Trini Guest hare
420Sunday, 8 Jun, 2014Blue Hole at Riverhead, St. AnnBulby, Cockpit
419Sunday, 25 May, 2014Boon Hall Oasis, St. AndrewRice & Peas, King Size
418Sunday, 11 May, 2014Bybrook, PortlandBulby
417Sunday, 27 Apr, 2014CARNIVAL hash, The Deck, St. AndrewHashmaster, Jeremy, Kacee, CC
416Sunday, 6 Apr, 2014'Sugar Pot Ruins Beach', Rio Nuevo, St. MaryRasta Shakespeare, Turkish Delight, Nofrititi + Coco-Nuts
415Sunday, 23 Mar, 2014Pass Side, Milk River, ClarendonBulby, Cotton Head
414Sunday, 9 Mar, 2014Rio Minho, Suttons, ClarendonLooney Tunes, Fareleak
413Sunday, 23 Feb, 2014Lyming, St. AnnSimon, Darshan
412Sunday, 9 Feb, 2014Broadgate, St. MaryRasta Shakespeare, John Revolting, Fareleak
411aWednesday, 5 Feb, 2014Greenwood, near FalmouthCrisis
411Sunday, 26 Jan, 2014Struan Castle Garden, St. AndrewLegal Beagle 1, Legal Beagle 2, Crisis
410Saturday, 11 Jan, 2014Boardwalk, St. CatherineFareleak, Atilla de Hun & Criminals
409Sunday, 1 Dec, 2013Gordon Town, St. AndrewStill Waters, Bottom Breather
408Sunday, 17 Nov, 2013Winnifred Beach, Fairy Hill, PortlandKayon, Hamish, Lagerfeld
407Sunday, 3 Nov, 2013Limetree Farm, St. AndrewMountain Goat, Cockpit
406Sunday, 20 Oct, 2013Windy ManorDecent Proposal
405Saturday, 19 Oct, 2013Frenchmen's Bay, Treasure BeachHashmaster and other criminals
404Saturday, 28 Sep, 2013Salt River 'Spa', ClarendonCotton Head, Cotton Sox, Bulby
403Sunday, 15 Sep, 2013Enfield, St. MaryBulby, Looney Tunes, Karl Lagerfeld
402Sunday, 1 Sep, 2013Buccaneers', St. MaryRice n Peas, Cockpit & Co.
401Sunday, 18 Aug, 2013Blessed Love, St. ThomasKarl Lagerfeld, Wheeler Dealer
400Sunday, 4 Aug, 2013Blue Hole, St. Ann / St. MaryHashmaster, Motherland
399Saturday, 3 Aug, 2013Marion's Guesthouse, St. AnnBurp, Hash Godfather
398Sunday, 28 Jul, 2013Crieffe Road, St. AndrewJohn Revolting, Twirling Broomstick, Rice & Peas
397Sunday, 14 Jul, 2013Driver's River, PortlandCockpit, Wendy Lee, Pumpkin Eater
396Saturday, 22 Jun, 2013Full Moon Hash!! Irish Town, St. AndrewAtilla de Hun
395Sunday, 16 Jun, 2013Spanish River, PortlandBulby, Praying Mantis, Simon & Co.
394Sunday, 2 Jun, 2013Yallahs Hill, St. ThomasCount Dracula, Wheeler Dealer
393Sunday, 19 May, 2013Fanso Beach, St. MaryFareleak
392Sunday, 5 May, 2013Mountain Spring, St. AndrewAtilla de Hun, Motherland
391Sunday, 21 Apr, 2013Hayfield, St. ThomasWheeler Dealer, Count Dracula
390Sunday, 7 Apr, 2013Kingston, St. AndrewBottom Breather, Jackie, Statement, Queen Mom, Drowned Rat
389Sunday, 24 Mar, 2013Cane River Falls, St. AndrewRasta Shakespeare, John Revolting, Motherload, Fareleak
388Sunday, 3 Mar, 2013Almond Lodge (just outside Buff Bay, Portland)Likkle Wicked, Attila the Hun
387Sunday, 17 Feb, 2013Wickie Wackie, Bull BayAttila the Hun, Lagerfeld, Likkle Wicked
386Sunday, 3 Feb, 2013Guava Ridge Community CentreCockpit, Immaculate Perception, Mountain Goat
385Sunday, 20 Jan, 2013Red Stripe HQQueen Mom, Bottom Breather, Nico
384Sunday, 6 Jan, 2013Sherbourne HeightsEnergiser Bunny, Nico, Likkle Wicked
383Sunday, 2 Dec, 2012Albany, St. MaryLikkle Wicked & Co
382Sunday, 18 Nov, 2012Norbrook Close, NorbrookAlbert + Natalie + Bulby
381Sunday, 4 Nov, 2012Tommy's Lounge (Grove, near Old Harbour), St. CatherineCottonhead, Rice & Peas and Co.
380Sunday, 21 Oct, 2012Danny's Marina, Harbour ViewMotherland & Rasta Shakespeare
379Sunday, 16 Sep, 2012Rivers Edge, St. MaryLikkle Wicked, Nico
378Sunday, 2 Sep, 2012Guava Ridge, St. AndrewNico, Albert, Susann
377Sunday, 19 Aug, 2012Dallas Castle, St. AndrewBorat, David, Rice 'n Peas
376Sunday, 22 Jul, 2012Dover, PortlandLikkle Wicked & Co
375Monday, 9 Jul, 2012Maryland, St. AndrewLikkle Wicked, Fred
374Sunday, 24 Jun, 2012Bybrook, PortlandWheeler Dealer, Tarzan, Count Dracula
373Sunday, 10 Jun, 2012Caymanas Bay, St. CatherineCotton Head, Crisis
372Sunday, 27 May, 2012'Longs Wharf Farm' (Longville Park), ClarendonCotton Head, Crisis
371Sunday, 13 May, 2012Cavaliers, St. AndrewProfessor Swarovski, Pole Position
370Sunday, 29 Apr, 2012Busy Friendship Gap, St. MaryWheeler Dealer & Rasta Shakespeare
369Sunday, 15 Apr, 2012The Deck, Trafalgar RoadBurp, Pay as you Go, Bidet, Fabio & Adriano!
368Sunday, 25 Mar, 2012Charles Town Maroon MuseumCockpit, Flipper, Michael Pucher
367Sunday, 11 Mar, 2012Kokomo Beach, Port Maria, St. MaryRasta Shakespeare, Coco-Nuts, Rasta Air & Co
366Sunday, 26 Feb, 2012Bryan's Bar, '8-Mile' Barton, St. CatherineCotton Head, Hashmaster & Co!
365Sunday, 12 Feb, 2012 Lyming Jerk & Entertainment Centre. Walkers WoodCool Runnings, Bottom Breather, Delphine
364Sunday, 29 Jan, 2012Mamme Blue Hole, Rio Grande River, PortlandLikkle Wicked & Co.
363Sunday, 15 Jan, 2012Tulloch Farm, Bog WalkLikkle Wicked, Cotton Head and Co
362Sunday, 4 Dec, 2011Jamaican German SocietyPumpkin Eater, Peesingh, Captain Dozey
361Sunday, 20 Nov, 2011Buccaneers' Jerk & Juice, Llandrumney, St. MaryCaptain Dozey & Cockpit
360Sunday, 6 Nov, 2011Mavis Bank, St. AndrewPlant Protector & Unprotected
359Sunday, 23 Oct, 2011Retreat, St. MaryWheeler Dealer& Count Dracula
358Sunday, 9 Oct, 2011Colbeck Castle (Old Harbour)CottonHead & Crisis!
357Sunday, 25 Sep, 2011Springvale Primary School, St. CatherineCotton Head & Co.
356Sunday, 11 Sep, 2011James Dennis Coffee FarmPrairie Brush, Lady in Waiting
355Sunday, 28 Aug, 2011Cockpit, ClarendonCotton Head& Scrap Iron
354Sunday, 14 Aug, 2011Middleton,St. AndrewWheeler Dealer
353Saturday, 16 Jul, 2011'Fool' Moon Hash Fort Rocky, St. AndrewCount Dracula & Tooth Pick
352Sunday, 3 Jul, 2011Golden River,St. CatherineHerbal Death, Hash Hush, Count Dracula
351Sunday, 5 Jun, 2011Temple Hall,St. AndrewCockpit ,Pum-kin Eater,Cherry
350Sunday, 22 May, 2011Likkle Porti, PortlandLikkle Wicked& Co
349Sunday, 1 May, 2011Carnival Hash, The Deck,KingstonPothole Diver, Captain Dozey
348Sunday, 17 Apr, 2011Arch Cave ,St. ThomasCotton Head, Betty Crocker
347Sunday, 3 Apr, 2011Reggae Falls, St, ThomasEnergiser Bunnie, Wrapper
346Sunday, 20 Mar, 2011Castleton Gardens, St MaryLittle Wicked,Count Dracula
345Sunday, 6 Mar, 2011AGPU, Old Harbor, St. CatherineGuano, Cockpit
344Sunday, 20 Feb, 2011Orange Bay, PortlandLittle Wicked, Baby Crisis
343Sunday, 6 Feb, 2011Welcome Beach, Salt River, ClarendonBetty Crocker Cotton Head
342Sunday, 23 Jan, 2011Hectors River, PortlandBulby aka Crisis aka Little Wicked and Co.
341Sunday, 9 Jan, 2011Flamstead, St. AndrewMountain Goat, Maniac, BMW
340Sunday, 19 Dec, 2010Red Dress Run, Robins Bay, St. MaryGuano, Frau Brau
339Sunday, 5 Dec, 2010Old Stony Hill, St. AndrewJLo, Captain Dozey, Big Mac
338Sunday, 21 Nov, 2010UWI Mona, St. AndrewPay as you go, Lef' Behine
337Sunday, 7 Nov, 2010Mile Gully Mountain, ManchesterDecent Proposal, Guano
336Saturday, 23 Oct, 2010Kingston 6, St. AndrewCzech Mate, Kiwi Fruit
335Sunday, 10 Oct, 2010Kingston, St. AndrewPum'kin, Wheeler Dealer, Rastashakespeare
334Sunday, 26 Sep, 2010Irish Town, St. AndrewCockpit, Silent Assassin
333Sunday, 12 Sep, 2010Rock River, ClarendonWhealer Dealer, Caramba, Crack Sealer
332Sunday, 29 Aug, 2010CavaliersHerbal Death, Boot Camp, Burp
331Sunday, 15 Aug, 2010Dublin Castle, St. AndrewBig Mac, Wheel Nutz, Horse Whisper, Plumber's Mate, Shady Lady
330Sunday, 1 Aug, 2010Emancipation Day, Kitson Town, St. CatherineBetty Crocker, Scrap Iron, Cotton Head
329Sunday, 18 Jul, 2010Maryland, St. AndrewEnergiser Bunny, Wrapper
328Sunday, 4 Jul, 2010Dover, PortlandLittle Wicked, Praying Mantis
327Sunday, 20 Jun, 2010Old Tavern Coffee Estate, PortlandPothole Diver, Makes you Fart, Crash Proof, David Twyman
326Sunday, 6 Jun, 2010Long Bay, PortlandMother Load, Mother Land
325Monday, 24 May, 2010Labour Day, Walkers Wood, St. AnnPay as you go, Guano
324Sunday, 23 May, 2010Hash Olympics, Drax Hall Beach, St. AnnGuano
323Saturday, 22 May, 2010Labour Day Weekend, Clay Ground, St. AnnKiwi Fruit, Czech Mate, Guano
322Sunday, 9 May, 2010Red Gal Ring, Stony Hill, St. AndrewCrisis, Pay as you go, Pum'kin Eater
321Sunday, 25 Apr, 2010River's Edge, St. MaryCrisis and Co
320Sunday, 11 Apr, 2010Carnival Hash The Deck, New KingstonCaptain Dozey and Co.
319Sunday, 21 Mar, 2010Red Hills, St. AndrewCool Runnings, Indiana Jones
318Sunday, 7 Mar, 2010Natures Hideaway Park Jew Pen, Bog Walk, St. CatherineGuano, Cotton Head
317Sunday, 21 Feb, 2010Dublin Castle, St. AndrewWheel Nutz, Big Mac and friends
316Sunday, 7 Feb, 2010Caymanas Golf and Country Club, St. AndrewsPay-as-you-go, Macca Bush, Lef Behine
315Sunday, 24 Jan, 2010Sligoville, St. CatherineBlow Job, Caramba
314Sunday, 10 Jan, 2010Guava Ridge, St. AndrewJill Byles, Immaculate Perception, Maniac, BMW
313Sunday, 13 Dec, 2009RED Santa Run, Zion Hill, St. AndrewCrisis & Co
312Sunday, 29 Nov, 2009Agualta Vale, St. MaryPum'kin Eater, Maniac, BMW
311Sunday, 15 Nov, 2009Irish Town, St. AndrewJane, Eric, Wheeler Dealer
310Sunday, 1 Nov, 2009Langley, St. AndrewCockpit, Pum'kin Eater, Joint Juice
309Sunday, 18 Oct, 2009Heroes' weekend, Treasure Beach, St. ElizabethGuano, Mark Brooks
308Saturday, 17 Oct, 2009Heroes' weekend, Malvern, St. ElizabethGuano, Sergeant Pepper
307Sunday, 4 Oct, 2009Above Rocks, St. CatherineCaramba, Wheeler Dealer
306Sunday, 20 Sep, 2009Macca Tree, St. CatherineCotton Head, Scrap Iron,Safari Queen
305Sunday, 6 Sep, 2009Lionel Town, ClarendonKiwi Fruit, Czech Mate, No Claim Bonus
304Sunday, 23 Aug, 2009Copacabana, St. ThomasImmaculate Perception, Chatterbox
303Sunday, 9 Aug, 2009Oracabessa, St. MaryGuano, Frau Brau
302Sunday, 26 Jul, 2009Crooked River, Pumpkin District, ClarendonKing Size, Count Dracula
301Sunday, 12 Jul, 2009Retreat, St. MaryGuano
300Saturday, 11 Jul, 2009Shaw Park, Ocho Rios, St. AnnBurp, Wheeler Dealer
299Sunday, 28 Jun, 2009Yallahs Salt Pond, St. ThomasCount Dracula, Tarzan, Wheeler Dealer
298Sunday, 14 Jun, 2009Great House Robins Bay, St. MarySinging Bagpipe, Tiny Bagpipe, Backpack, Loosey Balls, Angie Dickson
297Sunday, 31 May, 2009Medus Bar, Sandy Lane, Kingston 5Sergeant Pepper, Crisis
296Sunday, 17 May, 2009Bob Marley Beach, St. ThomasCockpit, Lucy Balls
295Sunday, 3 May, 2009Temple Hall, St. AndrewCrisis, Bulbette et al
294Sunday, 19 Apr, 2009New KingstonBidet, Praying Mantis, Two Knee, Bulbette
293Saturday, 4 Apr, 2009Red Hills, St. AndrewCool Runnings, Indiana Jones
292Sunday, 22 Mar, 2009Lime Hall, St. AnnPay-as-you-go, Pothole, Jet Li
291Sunday, 8 Mar, 2009Tom's River, St. AndrewWheeler Dealer, Tarzan, Count Dracula
290Sunday, 22 Feb, 2009Ramble Hill Farm, St. ThomasEnergiser Bunny, Paris
289Sunday, 8 Feb, 2009Orange Bay, PortlandPum'kin, Maniac, BMW
288Sunday, 25 Jan, 2009Luna, St. AndrewCount Dracula, Wheeler Dealer
287Sunday, 11 Jan, 2009Spring Garden, PortlandBulby, Two Knee, Sgt. Pepper
286Sunday, 14 Dec, 2008East Prospect, St. Thomas - 2008's final "disaster"!Guano, Frau Brau
285Sunday, 30 Nov, 2008Red Dress Run, Stony Hill, St AndrewRasta Shakespeare, Coco-Nuts
284Sunday, 16 Nov, 2008Orange Grove, St AndrewPsycho and the Landers
283Sunday, 2 Nov, 2008Portmore, St. CatherinePothole, Jet Lee
282Monday, 20 Oct, 2008Somerset Falls, PortlandGuano
281Sunday, 19 Oct, 2008Winifred Beach, PortlandCount Dracula, Wheeler Dealer, Burp
280Monday, 13 Oct, 2008Pear Tree River, St. ThomasPum'kin Eater, Rasta Shakespeare
279Sunday, 28 Sep, 2008Peter's Rock, St. AndrewJohn Revolting and Co.
278Sunday, 14 Sep, 2008Port Royal, St. AndrewBurp, Rice 'N Peas. Pum'kin Eater
277Sunday, 17 Aug, 2008Strawberry Fields, St. MaryGuano, Strawberry and the Donut
276Sunday, 3 Aug, 2008Sligoville, St. CatherineGuano
275Sunday, 20 Jul, 2008Gimme Me Bit, Clarendon Scrap Iron, Water StopScrap Iron and Water Stop
274Sunday, 6 Jul, 2008Jackson Bay Beach, ClarendonGuano, Cotton Head, Scrap Iron, Water Stop
273Sunday, 22 Jun, 2008Middleton, near Stoney Gut, St. ThomasWheeler Dealer, Burp, Tarzan
272Sunday, 8 Jun, 2008Brandon Hill Bridge, St. Mary (off Junction) - "Hash Master Inauguration"Bulby, Stephen, Nordia and Co.
271Sunday, 25 May, 2008Reach Falls, PortlandJohn Revolting, Whirling Broomstick
270Saturday, 24 May, 20083rd Hash Olympics Long Bay, PortlandRasta Shakespeare, Coco-Nuts
269Friday, 23 May, 2008Hotel Jamaica Colours, near Long Bay, PortlandRasta Shakespeare, Pum'kin Eater
268Sunday, 11 May, 2008Prospect Pen, St. ThomasGuano
267Sunday, 27 Apr, 2008Cole Gate, St. AnnSpeedy, Guano, Cool Runnings, John Revolting, Whirling Broomstick
266Sunday, 13 Apr, 2008Castleton Gardens St. MaryRasta Shakespeare, Pum'kin Eater
265Sunday, 30 Mar, 2008Kingston Carnival 'The Deck', New KingstonGuano, Maniac
264Sunday, 16 Mar, 2008The Constable's Mansion Red Hills, St. AndrewCool Runnings, TripleL
263Sunday, 2 Mar, 2008Marcia's Farm and Garden St. CatherineSafari Queen, Cotton Head
262Sunday, 17 Feb, 200810th Anniversary Caymanas Bay, St. AndrewBulby, Sgt. Pepper
261Sunday, 3 Feb, 2008King Jacket's Lounge Dublin Castle, St. AndrewWheel Nutz, Hot to Trot
260Sunday, 20 Jan, 2008Lower Spring Garden Skibo, PortlandPissing, Adjusted Attitude, Maniac, St. Paddy's Revenge
259Sunday, 16 Dec, 2007Santa Claus Red Dress Run 'Mountain Spring' Home of Joan Lindo Jack's Hill, St. AndrewRasta Shakespeare, Coco-Nuts, Triple L, Pum'kin Eater
258Sunday, 2 Dec, 2007Two Sister's Cave, Hellshire, St. CatherineRasta Shakespeare, Triple L
257Sunday, 18 Nov, 2007Mar Bella Estate, St. ThomasCockpit, St. Paddy's Revenge
256Sunday, 21 Oct, 2007Catherine's Peak Factory, Newcastle, St. AndrewPeter 'Wrong' Wong, David Wong, Mother Chucker, Wendy
255Sunday, 7 Oct, 2007Marston Spring and Falls Woodbury, PortlandRobert Kerr, Adjusted Attitude, Maniac, BMW
254Sunday, 23 Sep, 2007Glengoffe, St. AndrewBulby and Dave
253Sunday, 9 Sep, 2007Albion, St. ThomasPissing, Rice'N Peas, Maniac BMW, Adjusted Attitude
252Sunday, 22 Jul, 2007Tru Juice United Estate, ClarendonWheel Nutz, Big Mac
251Sunday, 8 Jul, 2007'American Independence Day' Liguanea, KingstonMother Chucker, Tracy, Stitcher, Captain Compass and Betty Crocker
250Sunday, 24 Jun, 2007Hevan's Scent, Priory Beach, St. AnnCockpit, St. Paddy's Revenge, Rice'NPeas
249Sunday, 10 Jun, 2007Enfield, St. MarySinging Bagpipe, Tiny Bagpipe
248Sunday, 27 May, 2007Middleton (Stony Gut) St. ThomasWheeler Dealer, Tarzan
247Sunday, 13 May, 2007Colbeck Castle, St. CatherineRasta Shakespeare, Coco-Nuts, Notorious Viking, Sleeping Beauty, Marc
246Sunday, 29 Apr, 2007Mount Diablo, St. CatherineCaptain Compass, Betty Crocker, Stitcher, Mother Chucker
245Sunday, 15 Apr, 2007Kingston Carnival, The Deck, Trafalgar Road - The Hash went Carnival!Wheel Nutz, Wheeler Dealer
244aSaturday, 7 Apr, 2007Easter Saturday, 'Father forgive us our sins' Annual Norbrook - HollywellWheel Nutz, Rice'n'Peas and Company
244Sunday, 1 Apr, 2007Sligoville, St. CatherinePissing, Rice'n'Peas, Maniac, BMW, St. Patty's Revenge
243Sunday, 18 Mar, 2007Ramble, St. ThomasEnergiser Bunny, Tit Pincher, Allison Wilson
242Sunday, 4 Mar, 2007Red HillsCool Runnings, Indiana Jones, Maniac, BMW
241Sunday, 18 Feb, 2007Sea View Lawn, out of Buff BayBulby et al
240Sunday, 4 Feb, 2007Manhattan Bar, CavaliersBurp, Tarzan, Count Dracula, Miss Perfekt, Lagerfeld
239Sunday, 21 Jan, 2007Norbrook, KingstonWheel Nutz, Big Mack
238Sunday, 7 Jan, 2007Crystal Edge, Irish Town - Happy New Year!'s RunRasta Shakespeare, Wheeler Dealer
237aSaturday, 16 Dec, 2006Hash Xmas Party Farringdon HeightsDr. Livingstone, Queen Mom
237Sunday, 19 Nov, 2006Marcia's Farm and GardensCotton Head and Safari Queen
236Sunday, 5 Nov, 2006Y-Knot...Lime Cay !Rasta Shakespeare and Bastardo
235Sunday, 22 Oct, 2006Beverly HillsBMW, Burp, Maniac, Split Ends
234Sunday, 8 Oct, 2006Red Gal RingWheeler Dealer, Rasta Shakespeare
233Sunday, 17 Sep, 2006Polyground, Near EwartonCamille, Annette, Wheeler Dealer, Rasta Shakespeare
232Sunday, 3 Sep, 2006Gordon TownPole Position, Rice 'n Peas, Picoplat
231Sunday, 20 Aug, 2006Swift River, PortlandDusty, Bulby and Melissa
230Sunday, 30 Jul, 2006Ballards Valley, St. MaryTEAM DILDO!
229Sunday, 16 Jul, 2006Scotch Run (/'Red Hills') near Hector's RiverJohn Revolting and Co
228Sunday, 11 Jun, 2006Fort George, St. MaryBulby and Co.
227Sunday, 28 May, 2006Weekend Hash Olympics IIRasta Shakespeare and Co
226Friday, 26 May, 2006Weekend Hash Olympics II, Long BayRasta Shakespeare, Coco-Nuts, Lagerfeld, Adjusted Attitude, Megabite, Jeanne
225Sunday, 14 May, 2006PorusCotton Head, Safari Queen
224Sunday, 30 Apr, 2006Point Hill, St. CatherinePeesingh and Company
223aSunday, 23 Apr, 2006Carnival Sunday MORNING, Morning Run Starting at The Deck (Trafalgar Road)JLo, Peesingh and Co
223Saturday, 15 Apr, 2006 EASTER SATURDAY, Annual Norbrook - Hollywell HIKE ! 'Father forgive us our sins?..'Wheel Nut, Rice 'n Peas and Company
222Sunday, 2 Apr, 2006Dusty and Indiana Jones place, Plantation Heights, Red HillsDusty, Indiana Jones, Bulby, BMW
221Sunday, 19 Mar, 2006St. Patricks Day Hash, Llanrumney frms, St. MaryTo 'n Fro, Dildo and Mud Devil
220Sunday, 5 Mar, 2006Bowden Wharf, St. ThomasAdjusted Attitude, Wheel Nutz and Co.
219Sunday, 19 Feb, 2006'Rules Pen' (near 19 Mile, South East of MayPen Clarendon)Game Boy, CottonHead, Safari Queen
218Sunday, 5 Feb, 2006'Trench Town Rock'Wheel Nutz, Rice 'n Peas and Co
217Sunday, 22 Jan, 2006Crooked River, ClarendonAngie, King Size, Rasta Shakespeare
216Sunday, 8 Jan, 2006Robins BayRasta Shakespeare, Coco-Nuts + Heidi
215Sunday, 18 Dec, 2005Crystal Edge, Irish TownWheeler Dealer, Rasta Shakespeare
214Saturday, 10 Dec, 2005Hash Christmas Party , Farringdon Heights, Jacks HillQueen Mom, Dr. Livingston
213Sunday, 20 Nov, 2005Tulloch Estates, Bog WalkBogger, Roger and Clare
212Sunday, 6 Nov, 2005Sherbourne Heights Hash and Country FairEnergizer Bunny, Full Service and Co
211Sunday, 30 Oct, 2005U.S. Marine House, Cherry GardensSilicone Valley and Gunny
210Sunday, 16 Oct, 2005AGPU, Sunday Late Morning: Hangover RunRasta Shakespeare and Co
209aSaturday, 15 Oct, 2005AGPU, Saturday Evening: AGPU
209Saturday, 15 Oct, 2005AGPU, Saturday Afternoon: Hash RunRasta Shakespeare and Co
208Friday, 14 Oct, 2005AGPU weekend, Parottee, St. Elizabeth (near Black River), Friday Evening: Pub Crawl
207Sunday, 25 Sep, 2005Camp Verley, Spring Gardens (near Serenity)Safari Queen, Game Boy
206Sunday, 11 Sep, 2005Worthy Park/Lluidas Vale (near Ewarton)Wheelnutz, Adjusted Attitude and Co
205Sunday, 28 Aug, 2005Caribbean Floral Orchid Farm, Near Ocho Rios/WalkerswoodSpeedy Gonzalez, Prairie Brush
204Sunday, 3 Jul, 2005Animal Zoo at DenbighSafari Queen, Cottonhead
203Sunday, 19 Jun, 2005Enfield, St. MaryBulby, Rasta Shakespeare and Snacky Longstockings
202Sunday, 5 Jun, 2005Murray's Fish Farm, ClarendonKung Sue, Wheeler Dealer and Co.
201Monday, 23 May, 2005200 Run Weekend, Hangover Run near Reach FallsJohn Revolting and Co
200aSunday, 22 May, 2005Hash Olympics IRasta Shakespeare, coconut and Company
200Saturday, 21 May, 2005200 Run Weekend, Friday PubcrawlRasta Shakespeare, John Revolting and Company
199Sunday, 8 May, 2005Forres' Park, Mavis BankWheeler Dealer, Jus' Cum, The Vicar, Suzy
198Sunday, 24 Apr, 2005Greenwich (near Newcastle)Wheel Nutz and Co
197Sunday, 17 Apr, 2005Farquhars Beach, Milk River Spa, ClarendonCaptain Compass and Co
196Sunday, 3 Apr, 2005UnknownUnknown
195Sunday, 27 Mar, 2005UnknownUnknown
194Saturday, 26 Mar, 2005EASTER March, Annual Norbrook - Hollywell HIKE ! 'Father, forgive us our sins?..'Wheel Nut, Rice 'n Peas and Company
193Sunday, 13 Mar, 2005Dusty and Indiana Jones Place, Plantation Heights, Red HillsDusty, Indiana Jones
192Sunday, 27 Feb, 2005Ashanti Oasis, Hope GardensAdjusted Attitude, Jailbait
191Sunday, 13 Feb, 2005UnknownUnknown
190Sunday, 30 Jan, 2005CastletonRasta Shakespeare, Prairie Brush, Red Stripe
189Sunday, 16 Jan, 2005Salt River, ClarendonCottonhead, Safari Queen and Company
188Sunday, 12 Dec, 2004University Beach (Near Morant Bay)Bulby and Company
187aSaturday, 4 Dec, 2004HASH CHRISTMAS PARTY, Farringdon Heights, Queen Mom's CastleQueen Mom, Dr. Livingston and Co
187Sunday, 28 Nov, 2004Long BayRasta Shakespeare, Coco Nuts and Company
186Sunday, 14 Nov, 2004Peppers, Upper Waterloo RoadDolly P, Rice 'n Peas, Bulbie (if we can find him) and Co
185Sunday, 31 Oct, 2004UnknownUnknown
184Sunday, 17 Oct, 2004AGPU, Hangover Hash, Jack Sprat, Treasure BeachRasta Shakespeare, Coco Nuts and Company
183Saturday, 16 Oct, 2004AGPU, Black River Hash
182Friday, 15 Oct, 2004AGPU Weekend in Parrottee/Black River: Pub CrawlWheeler Dealer, Burp, Adjusted Attitude
181Sunday, 3 Oct, 2004Sandy Bay, Clarendon. Phase 1B H2K - post hurricane inspection tourCaptain Compass, Betty Crocker, Haggis, Mario
180Sunday, 29 Aug, 2004Sherbourne Heights Hash and County FairFull Service, Energizer Bunny
179Sunday, 11 Jul, 2004Peter's RockPeesingh and Company
178Sunday, 27 Jun, 2004UnknownUnknown
177Sunday, 13 Jun, 2004Tapioca VillageMona Lisa, Haggis and Company
176Sunday, 30 May, 2004Hector's River, PortlandSubsa, Leyland and Company
174Sunday, 2 May, 2004Caymanas Bay, Nature's ParadiseCaptain Compass, Smoked Salmon, Betty Crocker, Thomas and Company
173Sunday, 18 Apr, 2004 Carnival Morning RunRice 'n Peas, Maniac, Silent Whisper and Company
172aSaturday, 10 Apr, 2004 EASTER SATURDAY !! Annual Norbrook - Hollywell HIKE ! 'Father forgive us our sins'Wheel Nut, Rice 'n Peas and Company
172Sunday, 4 Apr, 2004Marcia's Place, Bellevue Heights, Kitson TownMarcia and Company
171Sunday, 21 Mar, 2004Tamarind Lodge, OracabessaStitcher, Mona Lisa and Co
170Sunday, 7 Mar, 2004Hartlands, St. CatherineShady Lady, Wheel Nut, Big Mac
169Sunday, 22 Feb, 2004Dusty and Indiana Jones Place, Red Hills Plantation HeightsDusty, Indiana Jones, Bulby, Venus
168Sunday, 8 Feb, 2004Bulby's Place, Oakridge HeightsHurricane Charlie, Better Half
167Sunday, 25 Jan, 2004Cable & Wireless Satellite Earth Station at Prospect Pen, Pamphret, nr Yallahs, St. ThomasPothole & Rasta Shakespeare
166Sunday, 11 Jan, 2004UWI / Mona, New Year's resolution HashHaggis and Mona Lisa
165aSaturday, 6 Dec, 2003Hash Christmas Party !!! James Bond Beach
165Sunday, 23 Nov, 2003Port RoyalTarzan and Company
164Sunday, 9 Nov, 2003UnknownUnknown
163Sunday, 26 Oct, 2003River Edge, Fort George, (Near Annotto Bay)Subsa and Company
162Sunday, 12 Oct, 2003Lloyd and Belmont Estate, Guanaboa Vale, St. CatherineScarecrow, Betty Crocker, Smoked Salmon and Co.
161Sunday, 28 Sep, 2003Norris, St. ThomasShady Lady, Wheel Nut and Company !
160Sunday, 14 Sep, 2003Port Antonio/FOLLY LIGHTHOUSEHaggis, Peesingh and Co. !
157Sunday, 27 Jul, 2003THE GRANDMASTER'S LAST STAND (CIBONEY resort, near Ocho Rios and nearby Murphy Hill)Slag Bag, Sandals and Rice 'n Peas
156Saturday, 26 Jul, 2003Murphy Hill Run + AGPU Weekend ! (Click onSpecial Eventsfor details )Slag Bag, Wheel Nut, Sexy Taxi
153Sunday, 15 Jun, 2003THE HUNT / Hash Car RallyVerbal Diarrhea, Any Cockle Do, Rice 'n Peas and Co
152Sunday, 8 Jun, 2003Morant Point Lighthouse, St. ThomasWheeler Dealer, Bone Collector, Peesingh and Co
150Sunday, 11 May, 2003Wickie Wackie / Bull BayGrand Slam, Rice 'n Peas and Slag Bag
149Sunday, 27 Apr, 200310am Carnival Hash, JGS HeadquartersBambie, Rice 'n Peas and Company
148Sunday, 6 Apr, 2003Sandy Bay/Rosewell, off H2KScareCrow and the H2k Crew !
143Sunday, 26 Jan, 2003Freetown, Clarendon, off Highway 2000Colin, Wheeler Dealer and the H2K Crew
142Sunday, 12 Jan, 2003Quao's Village, Maroon Village near Buff BaySubsa and Company
141Saturday, 7 Dec, 2002Hash Christmas Party !!!Beverly Hills
140Saturday, 30 Nov, 2002Sat/Sun Nov30-Dec 01, Cockpit CountryCinderella, Prickly Heat, Maniac and Company
137Sunday, 3 Nov, 2002Cow Bay - Sponssored by the Janaica-Sub Aqua Club, proceeds till go to the Heart FundMotor Mouth, Crocodile, Jaws !
136Monday, 21 Oct, 2002AGPU in Parrottee, near Black River, St. ElizabethQueen Mom, Dr. Livingston, Rice 'n Peas and Company
135Saturday, 19 Oct, 2002AGPU in Parrottee, near Black River, St. ElizabethQueen Mom, Dr. Livingston, Rice 'n Peas and Company
134Sunday, 6 Oct, 2002Pre-Election Hash, JGS New KingstonSplit Ends & Rice 'n Peas
132Sunday, 1 Sep, 2002Kensington Square, SligovilleTarzan and Wheeler Dealer
130Sunday, 4 Aug, 2002130th run Weekend in Negril: Rhodes PlantationRice 'n Peas, The Maniac, Psycho, Haggis
129Saturday, 3 Aug, 2002130th run Weekend in Negril: Paradise Park and AGPURice 'n Peas, The Maniac, Psycho, Haggis
128Friday, 2 Aug, 2002130th run Weekend in Negril: Friday 2nd Pub CrawlRice 'n Peas, The Maniac, Psycho, Haggis
126Sunday, 30 Jun, 2002Lovers' LeapBig Mac and Company !!
118Sunday, 17 Mar, 2002St. Patrick's Day Run, Irish TownBeaver, Subsa and Slapper
117Sunday, 3 Mar, 2002The Ruins, Ocho RiosRice 'n Peas, Frank and Company!!
114Sunday, 20 Jan, 2002Arch Cave, near Kitson TownMaree, Wheel Nut, Rice 'n Peas
113Sunday, 6 Jan, 2002Leyland's Place, Hector's RiverSubsa, Wet Dreams and Company
110Sunday, 25 Nov, 2001River Lodge, St. Mary - Regular Sunday RunNo Service & Drowned Rat
109Saturday, 24 Nov, 2001River Lodge, St. Mary**(Moonlight Run, 6:30pm); River Lodge, St. Mary**No Service and Drowned Rat
101Sunday, 19 Aug, 2001Bowden Wharf, St. ThomasCodpiece and Haggis
100Sunday, 5 Aug, 2001Negril - 100th Run Weekend, SUNDAY: LOST BEACH, Hope Wharf (near Little London)
099Saturday, 4 Aug, 2001Negril - 100th Run Weekend, SATURDAY: Afternoon: Main Rum Run, Evening: AGPU
098Friday, 3 Aug, 2001Negril - 100th Run Weekend, FRIDAY: PUB CRAWL, Mento Yard PartyRice 'n Peas, Slag Bag, Split Ends and Company
093Sunday, 3 Jun, 2001Milling Spring Garden Caf', Gordon TownSteep 'n Bushy, Rice 'n Peas and Company !
092Sunday, 20 May, 2001DallasBurp, Tarzan, Check Onback & Wheeler Dealer
091Sunday, 6 May, 2001Marine House, Cherry GardensSteep 'n Bushy, Gunny Mark and the Marines !
090Sunday, 22 Apr, 2001Jamaican German Society, Carnival Sunday runNo Service, Maniac
086Sunday, 25 Feb, 2001Dusty's Place, Red HillsDusty & Company
085Sunday, 11 Feb, 2001Cafe AubergineAwesome, No Service and Rice 'n Peas !
079Sunday, 19 Nov, 2000Silver Hill Bridge, PortlandBurp, Dr. Livingston, Tarzan
074Sunday, 10 Sep, 2000Gutter Head Blue Hole (nr. Buff Bay Craigmill)Rice 'n Peas & Subsa
071Sunday, 30 Jul, 2000THE GRANDMASTER'S REVENGE..Slag Bag and Sexy Taxi !
067Sunday, 4 Jun, 2000Beverly Hills Wellington GladesBurp & Wheeler Dealer
062Sunday, 2 Apr, 2000Cranbook Flower ForestSubs'a & Slag Bag
058Sunday, 6 Feb, 2000Mavis Bank Coffee FactoryHaggis, Numb Nuts, Flying Scotsman
052Sunday, 14 Nov, 1999Camelot, (Near Irish Town)Sunshine & Lisa
050Saturday, 16 Oct, 1999Treasure Beach - Great BayNutcase & Colonostomy
041Sunday, 11 Jul, 1999Cherry GardensNutcase & Steep 'n Bushy
034Saturday, 27 Mar, 1999Dash with the Hash and Fly Your Kite at the Light (Morant Point Lighthouse)Bags & Nutcase
030Saturday, 20 Feb, 1999Kingston - Port Antonio RelayNutcase & Tenise Bngdahi
025Sunday, 20 Dec, 1998Rice's HouseNever Ready & Rice Pudding
020Saturday, 10 Oct, 1998Treasure BeachNutcase & Tenise Bngdahi
010Friday, 5 Jun, 1998White's HouseLoudmouth & Chopped Liver
001Friday, 13 Feb, 1998Model Airplane Club (Nr Caymanas Golf Club)Bags & Nutcase

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