Welcome to the Hash Car Pooling Page

This page lets you see if anyone is going your way to save money, fuel, cost and the environment!

As a lot of the places we travel to are not ideal for all vehicles, and also we are a safe reliable bunch(!) why not share the load by taking it in turns to travel. So many people have large vehicles now and empty spaces, so why not share the love and see if anyone else wants to come with you.
Also not everyone has a vehicle themselves and might not know how to ask (or be too shy) in person, so why not check this page out and see if anyone can help you!

As you can see the Car Pooling bit has been split into 2 sections, one for those with vehicles and one for people wanting a ride.
If you belong to either of these categories then simply complete the form at the bottom of the page to be included. People can post replies on here, so you don't have to have your contact details published, but it means you will have to check back regularly to see if anyone is talking to you!

Please click the Help button below for more information on how it works!


The table below shows people that have space available in their vehicles.
If you are interested in requesting, or sending a message to the driver, then please click the Respond button and complete the form that displays.

Driver Name Pick Up Area Run Number Spaces

Response to Car Pool ID:


The table below shows people that would like a lift.
If you have the ability to collect them then please click the Respond button and complete the form that displays.

Rider Name Collection Area Run Number Spaces Required
Could meet at Manor Park Plaza in front of Canon Ball /pharmacy
Anyone going past Mandella Highway or the new toll Road
Sample: Yes, I'll be passing about 11. Message me to finalise details : - Example!: thanks

Response to Car Pool ID:

Get Involved:

If you can, and want to, get involved in the Car Pooling scheme then please complete the form below with your details, and remember to check back for updates.
(Remember that you will need to refresh the page to see if anything has been updated!)

For now anyone access this page, this may have to change if we get hacked or plagued by spammers.
As such please take care when completing the table below and check your entry thoroughly before clicking on the Submit Button.
If you do make a mistake then please contact a Committee member (Details on the contact page) as soon as possible so it can be corrected.