Welcome to the Hash Mail Notices Page

This page lets you send information to be included in the Hash mails.

This isn't just a free for all to unload all your spam, as no-one would read it anyway! But it can be used to pass on relevant news about gatherings, events or Hash related news, or advertise useful things for sale.

The Committee will have to approve the content, so don't blame me if it does not get included.

Please click the Help button below for notes on the form and make sure you complete it correctly or it will probably be rejected!

Notice Upload

Please complete the form below with the details, remember to add as much supporting information as you can, but keep the actual notice brief and to the point!

For now anyone access this page to Upload notices, this may have to change if we get hacked or plagued by spammers.
As such please take care when completing the table below and check your entry thoroughly before clicking on the Submit Button.
If you do make a mistake then please contact a Committee member (Details on the contact page) as soon as possible so it can be corrected.

Notice Type
Notice Frequency (How many times do you think this will run?)

Notice Types

The table below is for reference purposes to show the Notice Types that are available and what they should be used for.

Type Title Description
JAH3 NoticeInformation specifically related to JAH3, such as upcoming events, moves or changes
Other Hash NoticeStories or Events of interest from other Hash Organisations
JGS NoticeEvents or Notices pertaining to the Jamaican German Society
Other NoticeNews or notifications from other organisations that may be of interest to our Hashers, such as IPP, Rotary etc
AdvertHave something useful for sale? Keep it brief and don't forget contact details
Web TipsThese are mainly for Error 404 to populate, but if you have any handy hints then feel free to share!