Run #506 – Swift river, Portland – Take Two!

January 28, 2018

January 28, 2018

12:30 To 18:00

Swift River, Portland Parish, Jamaica


Event Description

Hash 506, this Sunday 28 January is RESCHEDULED (weather permitting!). Hopefully the rains in Portland will abate and we can go ahead this time!.

This is trail up a part of the Swift River valley. Wonderful views and waterfalls.

Advised: Parts of the route are narrow path way. Yes, it involves a climb. For those who do the full trail, it is about 8km.

Advised: We will be crossing the river – for those who wish to. You will get wet – waist deep. Bring towels, swim costumes.

Swimming available at the Hash meeting point.

Hash Details

Pork or Chicken (local, not shop bought!) plus usual rice & accompaniments!


Clueless Sherlock, Dracula & Crisis

Hash Directions

The Hash is in the community of the Swift River, Portland.

  • Leave Kingston, thru’ Manor Park. 
  • Drive up Stony Hill and down other side.   Travel to north side of Island and the Robert Schumann roundabout.  This section about 50 minutes.
  • Turn RIGHT.  You are heading to wards Hope Bay  (NB.  This is before Port Antonnio!)
  • Just keep driving on the north coast main road until you reach Hope Bay. (about 25/30 minutes)
  • In centre of Hope Bay you turn RIGHT at the main junction.
  • You will then drive to  Swift River community, which is about 8km away.

NB-If you get confused ASK for the Swift River community.   Some Hash signs will be posted up.

  • After turning RIGHT in Hope Bay you drive up a long hill.  Just keep on the main road.
  • Upon reaching the summit, you will start driving down hill.  Keep following the main road DOWN hill.

NB-You will pass a junction, with a sharp left hairpin bend..  Do NOT take it.  Just keep going straight on, downhill.

Look out for a large, old pictorial road sign/map at this junction (see the pictures above).

  • At bottom of the hill you will cross over the Swift river, on a metal girder bridge.
  • About 100 yds further on turn you turn LEFT.
  • You will be driving on road  with the Swift river on your immediate left.
  • Drive on this road, for about 1.84km, passing the Swift river post office.
  • You will then see a further LEFT turn, crossing over a narrow road bridge.  Cross the bridge!
  • Drive along the road, for a further 2.5km, the river is still on your left.
  • Keep driving until you come to the Swift River community.
  • This is a dead end road.  You have arrived.

Park tight to the side of and along the road.

It starts at 12.30pm.  Yes.  12.30pm

See Map above or Click Here for a more exact map link

Hash Extras

Advised. Low clearance cars will have difficulty. Car sharing advised. Love your neighbour Hasher

Even if you registered last time, you WILL need to do so again as the data has been removed.
Thank you for your understanding.
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January 25, 2018

Clueless Sherlock 878 0270, Crisis 493 5959

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