Run #507 Struan Castle, Bowden Hill Road, St Andrew

February 11, 2018

February 11, 2018

12:30 To 16:30

Struan Castle, Bowden Hill Road, St. Andrew Parish, Jamaica


Hash Details

NB. NB. No meals at this location. Please bring your own sandwiches and snacks.


Clueless Sherlock

Hash Directions

This is easy.  Some 7 kilometres from Manor Park.  You are going to the grounds of Struan Castle.  About 15/20 minutes from Manor Park.

Drive up to top of Stony Hill.  Turn RIGHT at the top, opposite the Fesco petrol station.   Drive along road for about 300 meters.

Turn LEFT.  You will se a road sign directing to Boone Hall and Struan Castle.  Follow the road down the hill.  Travel past the entrance to Boone Hall (we there in May 2017).  Carry on down hill.  Cross the iron bridge.

Travel up road.  You will see the entrance to Struan Castle on your left.  Take it.  Go up a steep paved driveway.  Park in the grass area.

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Hash Extras

Hash 505 was uphill and tough. Hash 506 was up hill and long. This Hash is in the unforgiving Part III category. (Until other Hares come forward and make them gentle!!!) It is up hill, it is down a forest path and along a river route. (I hope!). Will get wet feet. Bring your towel, change of socks.

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February 9, 2018

Clueless Sherlock 878 0270

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