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Mis-Management Committee

The Blind Leading The Blind!

Meet the shambolic bunch currently in charge of this shambolic bunch.


Hash Master
“Our Lager …”

Ass Deputy HM
“Hallowed be thy drink….”

Hash Constable
“Thy will be drunk, …”

Hash T & D
“At home as in the tavern. …”

Hash Cash
“Give us this day our foamy head,..”

Hash Monk
“And forgive us our spillages,..”

Hash Monk
“As we forgive those who spill… against us.”

“And lead us not into incarceration,..”

Assistant Hashberdasher
“But deliver us from hangovers….”

Hash Godfather
“For thine is the Beer,…”

Hash Flash
“The Bitter, and the Lager, Barmen”


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